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Hp HP DeskJet 1100

HP 1100 Not Printing

I have been using an HP 1100 for years at home and have had no problems. All of a sudden it will not work on my desktop nor with my laptop, even though it always worked fine with both in the past. I am computer illiterate so please forgive me if the following descriptions of the problem are not very technical. (or if they make no sense)

Anyhow, as soon as I attempt to print I instantly get the "This document failed to print" error message. I have tried everything I could think of but to no avail. It is the only printer in my printer folder. It is set to LPT1, I checked to make sure it is not offline. And I do not think it is a connection issue b/c as soon as I plug into the USB, I get the "Found New Hardware HP Laserjet 1100, new hardware installed and ready to use", leading me to believe that the connection is fine as the computer is apparently recognizing the printer.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Has it always been hooked up by USB cable or was it in the past hooked up with a parallel cable? Check the port settings in your drivers on both computers and see if you can change them to USB001 or DOT4 or something along those lines.
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I tried USB001 but that didnt work either.

In the past it was parallel cable with my old computer. But then I switched computers and had to hook the old cable into a new cable that fit in a usb. I have been using that system for several months with no problems. Only thing different is that I recently had fios installed. Seemed to stop working right about the same time. However, as the printer is not wireless, not sure how changing my router would impact anything re: my connected printer.

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There still is the matter that you are using a usb to parallel adapter which could be the issue. Only way to really tell is to connect with a direct parallel connection. Even though it says found new hardware and even tells you the printer name that only means there is communication from the printer to the computer but does not tell us if there is communication from the computer to the printer.
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Just re-read your post. The other poster is correct as it should not be set to lpt1 as that would be for a direct parallel connection on the computer. It has to use one of the usb ports on the computer so try them all.
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I have two (2) HP LaserJet 1100 printers, one at home and one at my office. I've never had a problem with either until Thursday when the one at the office just stopped printing. Earlier today, the one at home also stopped printing. The green ligt is blinking and there is paper and toner in both. All connections are OK. What happened , and how can I fix it?
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Turn it off and disconnect from computer. Turn it on and push the button on the front. Does it print a test page?
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i have lexmark and hp 1100 laser printer connected to my pc but the hp1100 is not printing at all
tank u
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