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Epson Epson Action Laser 1500

Epson Action Laser 1500

I have two of these in the office at work. The first has a bad charge transfer roller, and I read about that fix in the other posts on this forum. The second printer gave up feeding paper the other day after a feed jam. After the feed jam, I turned the printer off and extracted the paper, but the printer keeps reporting a feed jam, and will not attempt to feed new paper. Which of these two printers sounds easier to fix? I can take parts from one to fix the other, I guess, but which would be the easiest or fastest or cheapest repair to do?
The paper jam one is easier. There's a black plastic sensor arm that hangs down on the right side. Look for whrere it fell off at the bottom of the printer and snap it back into its holder.
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Thanks for the quick reply!
I found two small plastic sensor arms in the paper path. Are you talking about the paper sensor arm in the input paper pile, or the other arm under the spring-loaded cover under the print cartridge? Actually, both of those seem to be in place on this printer. The sensor (not the arm) mounted on the metal sidewall was loose, but restoring it to its proper position did not help.

The paper feed motor (if that is the proper term) when it comes time for paper to start moving, is making extra noise--a lower-pitched and louder hum than normal for that printer. After the noise stops, the "Feed Jam" message gets posted on the display. It's as if the paper feed motor (if there is such a thing) is stuck or siezed.
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The arm that usually falls off is above the paper it hangs down into a slot. There's a registration sensor under the plastic lift out plate below the toner cartridge (that never has problems) The exit sensor is at the back of the fuser assembly and extends out to the right of it and interrupts an optical sensor. Check all of these for proper operation.
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OK. Thanks again, Moe, for the quick reply. All the little sensor arms are in place and move appropriately, but the heavy humming on startup and when printing should start is still there, as is the "Feed Jam" message. Are there any "next steps"? Is there any hope for this printer?
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At this point, it's time to give up. Any part for that printer will cost you more than the printer is worth. Got to love Epson. The little fan in the back wholesales at $150!! The motor is probably over $200. The fuser is [email protected]#!
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@#! indeed!

Oh well, at least they're company printers, not my own. Problem is, they're not replacing them, they're just tying more and more of us up to a shared printer. When (note I didn't say if) the network goes down, no more printing!

Wait a minute. I still have the printer with the cracked support in the charge transfer roller. How tough would it be to transfer the CT roller from the printer with the bad paper feed motor to the one with the CT roller problem? Didn't you say you had a video on that installation? Maybe if I start at the end and rewind, I'll get the hang of the removal process...he he
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This is not a fun printer to work on. I figured that the average person can handle the fuser assembly, the transfer assembly is after the fuser and is a lot more tricky. I sold one of those rollers to a fellow tech once. He came back a little while later after he broke the assembly trying to change the roller. Fortunately I had a used one and showed him how to change one without breaking it.
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