asked Nov 20, 2009 at 4:58pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 4101MFP Check Cables and Cycle Power Message

Scanner is totally dead and doesn't move or light up. The leftmost of the 4 LEDs on the back is on steady.
Event Log has about 20 30.01.02 (ADF Paper Jam), 4 30.01.03 (ADF Pick Error) and one 30.01.07 (scan failure) error a couple thousand pages ago. Errors started at 14,000 pages and printer has only 19970 pages currently. Checked the cable in the back and it looks intact and is firmly connected. Also checked the cable to the formatter board. No paper found jammed in the ADF assy.
I had one similar to this giving that gave me grief. I never did figure it out, customer opted to replace the machine.

Mine though would usually work for a while then error out (randomly). I had tried the copy firmware dimm (I think it was part # C9168-67902 for the scanner's control board & a new cable (one that runs from scanner control board to formatter) with no luck. My next step was going to be the control board (think its called CPB)for scanner assm but customer decided to replace the machine instead. I believe the error was 30.1.07 which kept coming back intermittently & would say check cables & cycle power.

I think I always tried to see the LED pattern in back but error was intermittent but when I did see it, it was a pattern not listed anywhere.

One step I didn't try in service manual was when the error came up hit the ok button to continue & try to Print (config. page), copy (ADF or glass), & send (digital sending). Different troubleshooting options depending which of those 3 work/don't work.
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