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Hp HP DeskJet 600

HP Laserjet 4 Plus refuses to print with XP


I had to re-install windows XP and now I can't get the printer to print. I am not a beginner but I can't seem to solve this.

I installed the windows HP Laserjet 4 Plus driver and I have also tried the 4 /4M plus 600 PS drivers etc.
It will not print!
It seems to work as far as communicating with windows because:

When I re-install LPT1, it immeditately detects the printer and even finds it as Jaserjet 4Plus.

If I print to it, the printer status states that the file has been sent to the printer successfully.
If the printer is offline or off, the print status tells me it can't send the file because the printer is offline.

The printer works fine, prints its own config and everything.
The printer has Postscript Level2 (I think).
The printer led does not flash when I send stuff to it.

I had this exact problem before many years ago but can't remember how I resolved it. It was definitely a driver/setup problem.

Perhaps someone can help?

Kind regards

It sure does seem like a driver issue. Try using an HP III driver and see if that works. It is backwards compatible.
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I believe that this to be a common problem since a whole number of people remember something similar but nobody seems to rememer what caused it - including myself.

I found references to this same problem in other forums but havee not seen any resolution. I can't seem to find a Laserjet III driver. I distinctly remember that I had to use a 4/4M Plus type driver in the past before I re-installed windows on this machine.

Someone also mentioned elsewhere that I should uninstall service pack 3 from XP but I am not sure how that will help and why.

I was so sure it had something to do with the CTRL-D being sent by the driver after the print job - or before- but it does not appear to make a difference at the moment.

I am at a total loss :-(

Any further advise will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

- berntd
If you go into printers and faxes, is there more than one of the printers to select (ie did the setup program create a second printer that needs to be chosen)?

If not, in properties of the printer under ports, did the setup program create a new port which has to be selected? I have that issue when I move a newer usb printer around, no idea if it applies in your situation.
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Hello and thanks for helping!

NO, there is only one port = LPT1 and it is tied correctly to the printer - I hope.


- berntd
Try a LJ 4000 or a LJ4100 driver, it might work.

Rob S
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Doubtful either of those would work as they are newer drivers. You want to stick with drivers of the same vintage or older.
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It is even worse.

In desperation, I tried booting from Ubuntu Linux last night instead of windows XP.
I installed the printer. It also found it as Laserjet 4 Plus and installed the driver etc.

When I printed the test page, it also did not print anything. EXACTLY like windows!

This seems to point to something in the BIOS or motherboard pehaps?

I don't know but I will try a different computer and maybe also a differnet cable.

by berntd on Nov 17, 2009 at 7:09pm Add comment
Do a dos print to see if there is communication between the printer and the computer. Just go to a dos window and change the directory to windows and then type dir >> lpt1 and see if it prints. If it does not you have a port, cable or formatter issue. Cable is most common.
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Hello, thanks for helping.
It does NOT print from the DOS box.

However, I think it will never print like that because it is a postcript printer?

I will try a new cable tonight as well as a different computer (laptop)

- berntd
Check the bios to see if the printer port is set to bidirectional or not, and also see if it is set to EPP (good) or ECP (better) you don't want SPP.
Also, maybe it's time for a new printer cable.
by rohmell on Nov 18, 2009 at 4:24pm Add comment
It should print a DOS print no matter what. Since I have never ever seen those printers have a problem with their port, then there is a greater than 99.99\% probability that the problem is with either the cable or your computer.
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Hello all,

Good news! I discovered it to be the printer cable after all!!

Complete coincidence that this happened when the computyer harddrive crashed!

It is printing fine now! - berntd
I got this HP LaserJet 4 Plus from a friend, it was working for him but I just cannot make it print with my Windows XP computer! It shows it is ready, I have installed the driver on my computer, port is LPT1, connection with a parallel cable. It takes about three minutes after I try to print a test page then I get the message that the document failed to print. Anybody out there has any suggestions?
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I also noticed that when I look at the print queue window, on the top next to the name of the printer on the blue band the word "Refreshing" keeps flashing, at the same time on the status column "Printing" keeps flashing and just below it "Spooling" keeps appearing and disappearing. After about three minutes of this crazy dance, I get the failed print message.
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Try installing an HP4 driver and see if that works.
by moe on Feb 10, 2013 at 11:34pm Add comment
Can you print a config page from the printer itself?
by unknown on Feb 11, 2013 at 6:34am Add comment
Yes, I can print a config page
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