asked Nov 12, 2009 at 6:54am
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

HP LJ P4515 Slow to Print

This has actually already been solved, but I figured I'd share the information.

One of my clients has a P4515. Recently it was taking up to 5 minutes to print a job. It would turn on its internal motors, but the paper would just sit for an extremely long time before actually printing. Internal test prints produced the same problem.

Cold reset and FW update did not fix the problem. Paper settings were correct before and after any troubleshooting.

A lone tip on one of HP's forums mentioned the possibility of the fuser taking too long to warm up. So with that in mind...

I noticed that the fuser had a small plastic green "thing" on each side of one of the fuser rollers. This part was obviously damaged, and mostly fallen off due to breakage. The fuser looked otherwise mostly ok. The Maintenance count was almost due, and the rollers were worn, so I just ordered in a whole kit.

Fuser replacement (plus the usual cleaning I do before putting in any new parts) fixed the problem.

I would suspect this information would also be useful on the P4014 and P4015, since they take the same parts.

I also noticed that the replacement fuser looked substantially different then the original manufacturing fuser that I just replaced.