asked Nov 11, 2009 at 2:37pm
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HP Photosmart D7260 - Glossy Greeting Card Jams

I own a Photosmart D7260 printer and until a few weeks ago I was very happy with it. I've only had it since 6/1/08 and now it doesn't like glossy greeting card paper. The paper starts to go through and then it jams. It also struggles a little with other card weight paper. The glossy greeting card paper is 11 ml. It is a little thick, but I never had problems before. Now it always jams in the printer. I also use print-to-the-edge photo greeting card paper which isn't as thick, but that doesn't work anymore either. The rollers also squeak a lot and sometimes there are snapping noises inside. I don't have problems with printing photos on photo paper (HP Premium Plus Photo Papers) nor do I have problems printing normal inkjet paper (22-24 lb.). I have tried different print settings with the glossy greeting card paper and it doesn't do any good. I really need this printer as I do all my Christmas and greeting cards. I wrote to the "PC Hardware" Forum and was told to try running paper with some alcohol through the printer. It didn't work. I also sprayed air into it - nothing. Do you think my printer is doomed?

Helen E. Schaars
Remove the rear cleanout door and clean the four small rollers toward the top of the opening and the recessed larger roller on the bottom left. Use water and a cotton swab. A flashlight will be helpful in finding the larger roller.
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I've already done that. I cleaned everything I could see or reach and nothing changes.

- unknown
The alcohol cleaning suggested on the other forum was ill advised. The alcohol may or may not have cleaned the rollers but it does tend to dry out rubber giving it less traction. If the water cleaning did not help I suggest that you try rubber rejuvenator (see below). The recessed roller I mentioned in my previous post does the 'heavy lifting' during paper feeding. If the card stock you are using is outside the maximum paper weights specified for the printer (see below), you got away with using it when the printer was new, but as the the feed components aged they became less able to pick up heavier and slicker paper.


Plain paper 20 to 24 lb. (75 to 90 gsm)
Legal paper 20 to 24 lb. (75 to 90 gsm)
Cards 110 lb. index max (200 gsm)
Envelopes 20 to 24 lb. (75 to 90 gsm)
Photo paper 145 lb. (236 gsm)
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The glossy greeting card paper I have the most problem with is 11 ml thick and I bought it online from Desktop Publishing. I never had problems with it before and as you said, the printer is getting older. I finally found "HP" glossy greeting card paper online. That paper is hard to find. I found this paper is the best for glossy greeting cards, but I can't find it anywhere, but I finally found it online and received it yesterday. I tried it yesterday. The paper goes through, but the colors are terrible. I used the HP Photo Card setting which worked fine earlier but doesn't work well now. Even with the HP paper, I'm having problems which I never had before. It's almost like the sensor isn't picking the correct paper.

Yesterday I bought the Photosmart D7560. I'm hoping this printer will work better. I have an HP Officejet J4680 all-in-one which I'm going to use as my default printer and print out in draft mode and just use the D7560 printer for special printing.

I'm very disappointed with the D7260. Compared to all the Photosmart printers I've had over the past few years, this is the worst. The Photosmart 8150 was my favorite. I could print almost anything on it with no problems even the 11 ml glossy greeting card paper and it lasted 3-1/2 years.

- unknown