asked Oct 29, 2009 at 12:25am
Hp HP LaserJet 4M

Laserjet Toner cartridge OPC drum solvent vapors

HP Laserjet 4M created the concertina paper effect.
I cleaned the rear rollers with solvent.

I have a feeling the solvent vapors may have been drawn into the machine by the fan, and have acted on the toner cartridges drum. I don't know. Something happened and the toner cart is now coating the whole page with excess toner. It's a shame, as the rollers are so far from the cartridge. You would never think the solvent could get to it, but close the back flap and switch the machine (fan) on, and it's a short direct path from rollers coated in wet solvent (vapors) to the photosensitive drum of the toner cartridge.

Has anyone else ruined their toner cartridge when attempting to clean the printer with solvent?

It would be wise to remove the toner cartridge from the machine. Keep it away from the solvent, and maybe even out of the room you're working in, just to be safe. Leave it out of the machine enough time for the vapors to go away, or the parts you're cleaning to thoroughly dry. I'd just give it 24 hours to be safe.
I read your earlier post. Your biggest mistake was cleaning the Charge Transfer roller with solvent. You should not have touched that roller as it has nothing to do with the accordioning of paper. That is strictly caused by the rollers in the back and top of the printer. The CTR is ruined and has to be replaced before you do anything else.
As for toner supplies, you're pretty much out of luck on that. It is too much trouble for the suppliers to sell one of each at a time. That is why if you can buy it, it's from a reseller who will mark it up a bit to make a profit.
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