asked Oct 23, 2009 at 2:01pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

epson 3000 pause light flashing

i was given a stylus 3000 that worked fine when put in storage 3 years back. when i hooked it up to print the network info page(to enable ethernet connection) it ran a sheet through no problem except no ink on the page.
i went ahead & removed the heads & cleaned them (they were totally clogged )along w/ checking the lines (they were clear) cleaned the small pads on the little "cleaning/charging" assembly. once i turned it on it filled the lines went into the "charging" state & stayed that way for a few minuets i turned it on & off a few times always winding up in the same "state" of charging w/ the pause light blinking until i ran thru 2 of the ink cartridges at which time i finally gave up.
any help or ideas would be sweet
The charge has to complete before it will become ready. This usually takes around 10 minutes. Best to put in a full set of new carts and let it run, otherwise it will restart the sequence every time a cartridge runs out.

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10 minutes wow, will it consume whole carts in this process it finished off 1 & a lights on for another.
ill go ahead & throw in another set of them & give it a whirl again & time it maybe, just seems insane
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ill be damned 11mins 26secs & it stopped & printed my network sheet i had to help it take up the paper but thatll be a thread for another time after i fiddle w/ it.

thanks paul for the nerve to let this thing run through ink im psyched
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No problem, yep always seems to take forever even if you have seen them do it hundreds of times before!

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