asked Oct 23, 2009 at 11:24am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 4Si 13.1 Internal Jams


Yeah...this printer has been around for awhile..but it only has 215K sheets through it.

This 13.1 seems a bit different than others I've dealt with.

1. The first sheet is out of the exit assembly about 4". It is not getting stuck IN the exit assembly.

2. The following sheet is about 1" short of getting into the fuser rollers.

3. There is NO top margin's right on, so the registration solenoid is OK.

4. The same jam occurs whether printing from tray 1 or 2, although the stopping point is a bit farther down the page when printing from tray 2.

5. The error is inconsistent. It might print 20 might print two.

6. I don't know if single pages will jam. I have not printed one page at a time (I'm using self test pages) because that would take a good bit of time and I don't think it is pertinent.

7. All six pick/feed/sep rollers have been replaced using HP -0041 rollers.

8. Fuser was replaced (toner buildup from aftermarket/rebuilt carts).

9. Registration assembly was serviced/cleaned using Fedron.

**edit** 10. Three different carts, one of the genuine HP, have no effect on the 13.1. I fergot that part.......

Something that may be of import: The offset assembly is not working correctly. The assembly is pulled to the right, but it doesn't LATCH. I can hear the latch 'tick' at the assembly, but it's worn too much to hold I suppose.

I turned the offset function *off* and the '13.1 Internal Jam's persist.

Any input on this oldie would be much appreciated!


13.1 is an input jam. you may have to replace the entire pickup assembly?

of course, make sure the pickup rollers are snapped on, and that the black spacers behind them are installed correctly.
by chris on Oct 23, 2009 at 11:27am Add comment
Yes. I know 13.1 indicates a jam at the input. Usually..but not always.

I've watched the feed from the upper tray..marking where the trailing edge ends up at registration time..I can see it feed to the exact same spot (presented to the registration assy) every time.

When it does jam there are only two pages in the printer, there has been no 'pick' with a subsequent feed failure.

Paper present flags before the registration assy are mechanically working and I've sprayed out the corresponding sensor blocks on the controller. Their aftermarket carts have dropped toner they shouldn't have.


I just got a call from the customer saying to forget about it. They're going to replace the thing.

Poop. This is the first 'new' (to me) problem I've seen in a 4Si in many years. I was kind'a looking forward to fussing with it.

by canyncarvr on Oct 23, 2009 at 12:06pm Add comment
i have seen exit rollers cause jams, but don't remember a 13.1 error caused by the paper not exiting.

if i remember, those 4si machines throw a 13.1 when it doesn't see paper in the allotted amount of time at the first paper sensor. i've only worked on one this year, jammed 1 or 2 times every 20 pages. pickup rollers apppeared fine, but they were the cause for the machine i worked on.

well, machine is not going to get fixed, but an open door test may have helped to figure out the problem area.
by chris on Oct 23, 2009 at 1:42pm Add comment