asked Jan 8, 2001 at 11:31am
Unknown Printer

LW 360 jams on manual feed

I have acquired a LW Select 360 that jams every time I try to use the manual feed tray. It starts to take the paper, but as soon as the pickup rollers move, it stops, and the jam light blinks. Once I got it to print one page by opening the lid and manually rotating the pickup rollers (the rubbery ones that are flat on one side.) But I need to make it work consistently. Your exit roller kits have worked great for my LW630 and LW600--got something for this 360?
I have the same problem with my LaserWriter Select 360. I don't know if that is the same printer that Colleen is referring to (the printer itself is labelled only LaserWriter Select; the manual is entitled LaserWriter Select 360). I have had this printer since it was new; it has not been abused. I took it to the local Apple dealer for repair, but they did nothing but clean it (and charge me $40.00). The problem persists, intermittently. I use the manual feed for (a) 11x14 paper and (b) second-side printing. A single-sheet feed often starts ok, then skews the paper and either jams or prints a crooked image. Multiple-sheet feeding often results in exactly that: two or three sheets at a time, sometimes staggered so that part of the image is on each of two sheets. I can only repeat Colleen's question: Have you a repair kit?
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