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HP Laserjet IIIp VerticalBars

My HP laserjet IIIp started printing vertical bars. I replaced the cartridge, 92275a, with a remanufactured one from a local chain store and it worked fine for a few sheets but then started outputting vertical bars again. I returned the cartidge and received another one but it immediatley started with the vertical bars but with different locations/widths of the vertical bars than the first cartridge.

I returned that cartridge also and got thrid one, "supposedly new" in a sealed HP box. This one lasted almost a week but then started with vertical bars. These bars were also different widths and locations than the first two cartidges. Although new, this third cartridge must have been sitting around for a number of years as the included instruction papers were yellowed from age.

I read on this site about the wiper blades wearing out on the HP 92275a cartridges and not being addressed on remanufactured cartridges. Thanks for creating and maintaining this site it is extremely helpful!

When I look at the green roller on the cartridge I can see the black ink bands that correspond with the vertical bars. The only other sympton is that after the printer starts printing vertical bars it also prints multiple sheets. The text page plus several blank pages. Where the printer is not printing veritical bars the text is clear and crisp and their are no extra pages. I am not getting any error messages on the printer.

Other than the cartridge are there any other likely causes for these vertical bars? Are you still replacing the wiper blades on 92275a cartidges when you remanufacture them?

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99\% probability it is the cartridges. If you still have any of the others, you can confirm that they are causing the problem by putting one at a time back into the printer.
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Here's the definitive check. Since nobody replaces the wiper blades in those cartridges, there's an easy way to tell if they did or didn't. Look at the top of the toner cartridge. In the bottom right corner, if you see the words "Made in Japan", the cartridge is 100\% guaranteed to fail. The reason is, you have to cut the top off to replace the blade. Replacement tops do not say "Made in Japan".
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