asked Oct 11, 2002 at 9:23am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

LJ 8100 paper jam


printer had the common second pass roller problem paper jam

As this is a big corporate cust, I didn't get the kit for the second pass roller, as I didn't want to kill an hour getting that thing replaced, and i usually can change the whole PIU in about 20 min or less

so big corporate cust paid for the PIU, I installed and went on my merry way

next day cust calls, we're still jamming

thought i had a DOA PIU, I got another one

a week went by and then get another call

still jamming

i go onsite, the PIU is groaning like it's got a tummy ache

I get another replacement
I install and printer hums like a dream

almost a month now and i just get another call
started jamming again

if i had hair i'd pull it out

????what the????

i'm calling hp techs and arguing with them and can't get straight answers

cust tells me the printer jams 3 or 4 times in the morning and then the rest of the day it's ok

is the paper getting humidity overnight???
is the PIU defective also???
is the reg assy quirky???

any ideas guys?
need a little more information. does it jam from tray 1, 2, and 3? you could have a bad exit assy. your tray 2/3 piu is not the problem. you've proven that. DOA's are possible, but not that often. intermittent jams are one of the biggest pains i deal with. good luck. oh, and verify that the customer's paper is within HP specs, and for a quick service check, try swapping the trays if you isolate jams to one input area.
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it jams from mainly tray 2 and 3

like i said, it jams upon first morning print, i guess from sleep mode or power save mode


are there any issues where this printer has problems when it wakes up??

paper jams etc...

i saw this printer again, printed 100 plus pages from all trays, no jams

cust tells me it's only in the morning

so, i remembered a 5si i had that was troublesome with intermittent jams, it had a sluggish fuser

i took the fuser from a working 8100 and changed it with this one

we'll see what they say tomorrow
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If it is mainly from the trays rather than from the manual feed you can try a paper separation kit which sits in the tray. These do wear out as it is only a rubber pad which sits on a sprung piece of plastic and this can cause paper jams. It is usually best to change the paper pickup roller a the same time.
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what is that guy talking about.... Let us know how you make out juan.
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It could possibly be a humidity problem. Normally though, if you have excessive moisture in the paper, It will also tend to curl more after it exits the printer. If the pages are curling up, sometimes turning the paper over in the tray will lessen the effect and allow the printer to continue. Also check to see how heavily the printer is being used. I had an 8100 once where the customer had me to install a maintenance kit. Within about four days they called me back and complained that it was jamming. I discovered quite to my surprise that, during those four days, they had printed over 180,000 pages on the machine and the feed rollers had naturally worn out.
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