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Epson Epson LQ 800

epson artisan 800 ink pad warning

Does anyone know how to override the ink pad service warning on this printer? Or change the ink pads. I doubt the pads need changing, I've had the printer maybe a month.

It says: "The printer's ink pads are nearing the end of their service life. Please contact Epson support."

I've found with Epson printers you need to be able to override their warnings otherwise the printer is no good, never works for long. I've kept my RX620 going for months by continually overriding their warnings. Thanks for any help in advance.
Exactly same problem here. This website has the reset tool, but it is just too expensive for me http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?products_id=1021. there is also a ebay seller that has the reset toll but he wants You to buy the set of ink cartriges that comes out to be $50 bucks, I dont want to buy it from ebay first because I have inks and second I dont know if he is scaming with the free service utility if u buy the inks.
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Likewise, a warning message on mine says,
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Epson provides a utility just go here http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/InkPadsForm.jsp
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this link does not support the artisan 800! - Anonymous
Likewise, a warning message on mine says, "You need to replace the following ink cartridges" and it is the yellow cartridge. I have tried printing documents in black and white, but that warning message appears each time and nothing prints.
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Try the ssc epson service utility program, available here:

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When setting up my Artisan 800, I get this stupid warning that says I need to move this little yellow plastic insert inside the printer, the thing is I've moved it and still get the error and can't get past the error screen. I've tried powering off and on for about 8 times and it still doesn't work. ANY IDEAS.

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My name is Syd and I work for Epson America, Inc.

It's unfortunate you are experiencing an issue with your printer and we acknowledge your concern. At this time we recommend contacting our techincal support team so they may diagnose your issue. Our staff may be reached at (562) 276-1300 Monday to Friday.

Here to help,
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I got the ink pad warning yesterday morning and I was ticked! I have had the printer since Jan 2009 and am not a heavy user so I felt it was way too soon for planned obsolescence to kick in. After reading the postings here and at other sites and reading the info on this issue at the Epson site, I figured my best bet was to buy a new printer but go ahead and try the reset utility to get as much as I could from my already purchased ink cartridges. I shopped around and found the Canon Pixma MX870. I liked that one because it had an optional paper feed from the back - my biggest gripe with the 800 is the flimsy HP-style paper cartridge. I priced them at Staples and wow! it looked like all the AIO's are being deeply discounted, including the Artisan 800.
So I downloaded the ink pad counter reset utility program and ran it. It didn't work. I got a message that said it wasn't necessary. Hey, when I turn on the printer, all it does is beep and blink that infernal message, the touch pad is totally unresponsive - the printer is DEAD and the reset is unnecessary? Okay, so I'll just get a new printer!
At the Epson support site they said you could get discount on a new printer through the "customer loyalty program" if you had this problem, so I thought I would at least give Epson a call and find out what their price would be.
The technician was very understanding, took all my info, name phone number, printer model, serial number, date of purchase, etc. He said, "Unfortunately, your printer has reached the end of its service life"", and I thought "Yeah, so I'm SOL, right?"
He said, "Did you register your product?"
I said, "I think so, I usually do register all my hardware."
He said, "Just a moment", and put me on hold for about 30 seconds. He came back and said, "You are still under warranty so we are going to send you a new printer."
I said, "How much will it cost?"
He said,"It is covered by warranty, so there is no cost."
I said, "How much for shipping?"
He said, "Shipping is covered, no cost. We will require you to send the old printer back to us."
I thought, "Okay here comes the gotcha - that thing is heavy." I said, "How much to send it back?"
He said, "We cover that, too. We take your credit card number and authorize $265 in case you don't send it back. But when you do, there is no charge."
He said, "In addition for your trouble we will send you another set of color cartridges in addition to the ones that come with the printer. We will ship tomorrow and you should received the printer in 2 to 9 days."
Then he said, "Just a moment let me check on the shipping", and he put me on hold for 20 seconds.
He came back and said, "Actually I made a mistake about the shipping", and I thought 'here it comes, I'll have to pay all shipping', but he said "Actually, we will ship FedEx overnight and you should receive the printer Friday."
Finally he said, "Do you feel we have handled your problem to your satisfaction?"
I said, "Absolutely! THANK YOU!!"

A couple of years ago I went through a "support issue from hell" with HP on another printer. I never got any support and had to figure the problem out myself.

This was a totally different experience.

Epson, you treat your customers right!
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Thank you rdhuff. I called the support phone number, didn't even have to wait long. The number is above this posting provided by Ed Epistein. They did the identical thing. I didn't even know that it was still under waranty (it has been more than a year). They are sending me a "replacement printer" probably remanufactured- I may get rdhuff's old printer. I could get a new printer- don't laugh, it's not impossible. The only drawback is that I had to put $260 on the line until they get my non-working printer back. Good thing I have a credit card. Give it a try that's what I did and things seem to be working out pretty well. - yuvid1
same situation with rdhuff. But I'm in Canada, so I have to wait 5-7 days for the printer. Hopefully it will come on time and in way better condition that the one I bought "brand new" in March 2010.
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I bought my Epson Artisan 800 in Sept 2008 and I now am getting the inkpad warning. This printer is used at home very infrequently, I bet I haven't printed 1000 pages since I bought it. I can't stand how the unit constantly cleans the print heads every time I use it. I have gone through at least 15 sets of cartridges over the past 27 months, and I am sure 90 percent of all my ink has gone into those pads cleaning the heads/nozzles.
Well, I called Epson support and the best they would do for me is give me a code for their customer loyalty site. the code allows me to buy (i.e. get suckered into) another Epson printer at a "discount". The discount is 10 dollars less than what I can buy one for on Amazon (Epson Artisan 835).

I am hoping the new printer will have a setting that allows me to turn off the automatic head cleaning. Maybe that will save me some ink.
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As with so many others that post, my computer stopped printing and gave me the inkpad at the end of their service life warning. I replaced the inkpads with a new unit, and downloaded the software reset. I still had a warning on the printer and on the computer whenever I printed saying they were near the end of their life. Next thing I know, it stated they were at the end of their life. Now I can not print. DID I MISS SOMETHING ?
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Daveprev - Where did you get the replacement inkpads? I have same problem with Artisan 700, cannot find a source for new pads.
I cleaned my old pads, resulting in shriveled, black pads that don't fit right. After reinstalling and resetting using Epson utility I got the same warning, pads nearing end of life. Like to know how the printer knows the ink pads are dying - optical sensor? back pressure on ink drain tube? - lgc102
There is a video on youtube showing how to change the ink pad. Go to the site and type in "Epson Artisan 800 Waste Ink Pad Removal"
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Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I have an Epson Artisan 800 all in one printer. Recently I got an error on the display that said The printer's ink pads are at the end of their service life. I have physically checked the pads and they are NOT completely saturated. I also went in to Epson tech support and downloaded the reset utility, I reset the counter and after I turn the printer back on when I try to print, the unit goes back to giving me the error. I have done this 4 times already without success.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is a nice printer and is barely used. I would hate to have to just throw it away. I mainly use it for scanning and printing CDs, hardly for photo or full page prints.I just purchased brand new ink cartridges.

Thanks for you help!
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Hi, This is the official Epson response - "The utility found on our site is a one-time use, temporary reset of the counter that allows you to finish any pending print jobs (amount of printable pages will vary)" and "The Epson Utility is a temporary one, you are correct. You have to go through the service centers as mentioned prior. Waste ink is not a new thing, all printers of ink jet design have to deal with waste ink. Borderess prints, power cleanings there's a counter that counts these and that's what accelerates the count down to the inkpad condition."

- waikiki
I am in the same boat as everyone else. Tried to do the epson reset utility download, but can't find it after it supposedly downloads - where does it go?
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What browser are you using? Firefox usually downloads to a directory in My Documents called Downloads. - dcolumbie
I've also tried removing all the dirty pads, washing them and re-installing them. I re-set the printer again and it still continues with the error. It looks to me like I'm also going to have to retire this Epson printer. I've been buying Epson printers for years only because of the direct print to CD capabilities. I don't like printing on CD labels and then Stomping them onto the CD. If they don't go on just perfectly it will cause vibration on the CD because of the imbalance. I've had 2 Epson Stylus 200 printers, 1 Epson Stylus 320 printer and now the Artisan 800. They have all caused problems with the pad counters. The only one I have succeeded in re-seting the counter on is the Stylus 320 with the SSC service utility. I'm starting to dislike Epson very much. They are nothing but disposable printers.
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It really bites that my Artisan 800 just bit the dust after only 2.5 years. Mine is beyond the warrantee according to the rep, so back to square one. WHoever made the comment about disposable printers was right on in my case. It just feels like I paid way too much to be replacing this thing only two and a half years later. FAIL.
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Something is amiss. The printer keeps track of the amount of ink droplets passing through to the waste ink pads. If the reset was done properly the error message should disappear. Try the reset program again. Hope this helps.
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It will not let you run the reset program twice, says you can only use it one time. SUX - gwalter
Want to check the Waste Ink Counter value of your Epson printer - its easy:
1. Download the Free Utility - http://www.EpsonReset.com
2. Run the utility and click READ WASTE INK COUNTER

You'll get kind of this message:
6.61\% (661 of 10000)
0.48\% (82 of 17000)


119.81\% (19410 of 16200)
3.54\% (1929 of 54513)
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I too have cleaned my pads and reinstalled the shrivelled up dried out pads back into the tray. When I ran the free Epson reset utility the printer did reset, only to have the same condition reappear immmediately after trying to use the printer. called tech support and asked them about it. After spending 10 minutes trying to convince them that i was capable of changing out the pads, they finally asked me what operating system I was using. When I told them Window 7 the guy says, Oh that why it doesn't work, the utility can only be run on XP or previous versions. I re-ran the utility under XP compatability mode but it did the same thing. it resets but goes right back to locking me out.

I downloaded the WIC utility, but didn't pay for the reset step. I ran the utility after resetting the printer using the free Epson utility and I says it is at 40\% on both parts. Try to print one page (unsuccessfully) and the counter immediately goes to 100\%+.

I'm reluctant to pay for these other reset utilities without knowing if they are any better. There is a site selling the Epson Adjustment Program that I think includes a reset tool. Has anyone tried that?
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hello were you able to find a fix ? i am having the same problems - batzmaru
We are an Epson authorized service provider. Have struggled with this issue many times. The only successful reset we have been able to accomplish is to run the reset program from a true XP computer, not one running compatibility mode. We keep a laptop loaded with XP solely for this purpose. find someone running XP. Hope this helps.
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The Artisan 800 has an additional sensor that determines if the pad has truly reached the end of it's life cycle. The reset utility only resets a counter. I did that last night, didn't work. You can only use their utility one time. The activation code only works once. I called tech support and the explanation I received was the pad really has reached the end of it's life cycle. The thing that really ticks me off is that I can't even use the scanner or fax with the alarm. That sux.

I'm not about to pay a service center for something I can probably do myself. Question is, were do you get the pad or is it possible to clean the pad and reuse it? I read on Epson's website that replacing the pad will most likely be cost prohibitive. These dang printer companies are crooks. I've also got a useless Brother Laser printer that will cost more than the printer did new to repair. Parts for it are very expensive.

Can anyone help on the Epson Ink Pad?
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The waste ink pads, and there are many in this unit, are available as a kit for about $17-18 plus tax and shipping. Fairly simple process to replace. Hope this helps
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Well no I haven't. I did call Epson and found out that the reset utility only works correctly if it is used on a Windows XP or earlier OS. They also stated that it won't even work in compatability mode. Unfortunately I don't have access to an XP based computer.
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There really should be a lawsuit filed against Epson over this.
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plus 1 here! - waikiki
Do you want the printer to stop printing or start leaking ink on the desk? If you want ink leaking on your desk you can always buy a H.P.
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Well I finally had the oppurtunity to use the reset utility on a true Windows XP computer. The utility went through all the steps correctly, with the final step being to power off the printer. When the utility saw the printer turn off it told me the counter was successfully reset.

I turned it back on and the first time I tried to print I got the same message. I was furious!!

I called the 562 Epson number. I thought 562 was Long Beach/Los Angeles area code but apparently it's somewhere in India. No matter though, I actually enjoy speaking to people with dialects.

One thing I've learned is that no matter how pissed off a product makes you, the person on the line did not make it that way. Although I was frustrated with the printer and the reset utility, I made sure to be courteous to whoever I was speaking to. It took me about 3 times to explain the problem I was having and all the steps I had already tried. After the rep realized we had tried everything possible, she gave me the phone numbers of 3 authorized service centers.

I was ready to hang up when the rep asked me if I was satisfied that she had done everything possible to remedy the problem. I answered her No, I am not satisfied. There must be a way to resolve this. I asked to speak to her supervisor.

I explained that there is nothing physically wrong with the printer, everything works fine, but that the only problem is Epsons counter. I explained that the pads have been replaced and there is no longer a reason the printer should not work. After going back and forth a few times they asked me how long ago I bought it. I told them I didn't remember but it wasn't over 2 years old. Apparently this is a magic number and allowed them to replace the unit. I gave them a credit card number to hold a deposit against and I received a new one after a few days. It's working fine.

A word of caution though, don't wait to return the printer. They only give you 7 days.

Good luck

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wadester999, We have been able to get this reset to work properly with a Win XP 32 bit operating system. Sometimes it takes 2-3 trys to get it to stick. We are an authorized Epson service provider. If you are in the Los Angeles area we would, as a courtesy, be happy to provide assistance. Hope this helps.
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HI! Ok So I just picked this printer up at the thrift store. It was $12.00 and had no cords, sold as is. I took it home and plugged it in and got the error message that you are all talking about, here is what I did!

Watched this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_CVB4nw-KI

I did not want to buy pads and wait to fix it so I opened it up and the were DRENCHED, after what you all had said and the guy in the video I was thinking they would be kinda full... They were very full. SOOO I washed them.... my hands are black my nails are black! EWWW and the pad were wasted. I had read on a link somewhere to try makeup sponges and replace the pads with that. I have a ton of those (or did) So Thats what I did!

Then the hard part.... I did not like you all pay $300 for this printer so I bought the program I saw here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56W_VztIhl8 I think it was about $8 US money. I felt that I could risk it and if nothing else warn you if it did not work. Well It did! FYI I run Win7 I now have a great printer! With the steps I found here and on Youtube! Thanks!

And for the guys on here, since you may not have makeup sponges (not that I am judging if you do ;) ) Look at this post up a ways

"Re: epson artisan 800 ink pad warning by printerrepairpros (5/9/12 12:56 AM) reply + / -
The waste ink pads, and there are many in this unit, are available as a kit for about $17-18 plus tax and shipping. Fairly simple process to replace. Hope this helps"
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Sounds kinda like you're the one selling the reset. I guess if it works it's worth it.
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No I am not selling the reset. That is why I posted the you-tube. not the site. there are a few on you-tube. to pick from I just went with the last one I looked at. I am just a work in the home mom that needed a printer and likes to fix it my self. I have fixed my sons Ipod. My daughters digital LED screen on her camera, and I am working on fixing the usb charge port on her Kindle Fire.

I don't care if you get the program or not, I just thought I would share with you how I got it to work. :) Since it seems to be a big dead end for everyone that has posted here, except for the printerrepairpros guy that does not live close to me. Or I would have took him up on the offer to get the reset and saved the $8. I also bought new ink off amazon for $10. I hope it works as it is after market. And I am thinking of getting the CISS and installing it. http://www.cisinks.com/?gclid=CMDnx4jM5LQCFSFyQgodZ3kAqA But I am not sure if I trust that yet. SO There you go. I don't know how else to prove to you I am not the seller of that program other then I Live in Washington State and when I got the program I paid in pounds not $ with pay-pal
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Thank you for all the help!! - scott479
I use an Epson Artisan 800 with a Waste tank and CIS system (both from eBay). I have used CIS systems with Epson printers for 5+ years with very few issues. I chose Epson because they (1) can print on CD/DVD's, (2) do a killer job on photographs, and (3) can be easily modified to accept CIS/Bulk ink and Waste ink systems.

Issues & Solutions:
NOTE: A CIS/Bulk Ink & Waste ink tank system only makes $en$e if you do more than just the occasional print job. Refillable cartridges (& a Waste ink tank) MAY make more $en$e depending on your print volume...
(1) Software: The Ink Pad Counter Reset utility runs under Windows XP and MAY require a couple of attempts before it resets properly. (The official Epson Waste ink Counter Reset Utility is available at:
(Only resets if value exceeds max...)
(2) Waste Ink: Allowing waste ink to continue flowing to the Waste Ink Pads only delays the mess of the Ink Pads overflowing. (A Waste ink tank from eBay solved this issue for me nicely.)
(3) Print regularity: All ink jet printers dry out and start clogging if not used routinely. (Printing a couple of pages each week seems to keep things from clogging up too badly. Top quality CIS and Bulk inks help with the occasional need for using Printer Head Cleaner solution.)
(4) Tubing run: Some minor modifications to the printer case may be are required to prevent crimping the ink tubes. (Carving a few bits of plastic out of the way solves this.)

I got all the pieces for my "system" (Printer, CIS, Bulk Ink, Waste tank, and Waste Ink Counter reset software) off eBay several years ago for less than the full retail cost of the printer alone. After ~2 CASES of paper, the co$t savings are significant...
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Thank you so much for your input! If I did not have 3 teenagers at home I think I could get by with just the normal ink. But since they print like mad.... it might be best for me to go this route. I saw on youtube how to mod the case like you said. I will give it a go. For now I just got a $9.99 set to test out and after that runs out I will do the ciss or.... just get refillable ink. I just hope I don't run in to the error codes for the ink.
- Sachi
My apologies to Sachi. After re-reading your post it seems I mistook your enthusiasm for a sales pitch. Again, I apologjze.
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Here is information about Epson reset utility and how it works on Artisan 810 printer - http://2manuals.com
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Hello everybory, i successfoul fixed the ink pad error of
my Epson Artisan 800 ( px800fw ) with Win 7 and this Epson link ,at the first attemp, free, fast and very easy to do :-)



let me know if it works for you too guys !
by Fede on Mar 16, 2013 at 4:22am Add comment
Fede, this is only a temporary counter reset designed to allow the user to complete a few print jobs. The fix only works one time. Eventually the complete reset will be required. The waste ink pad tray should be replaced at that time also. Hope this helps.
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Ok so I have run in to a new problem with my 800. Every time i print it will pull all the paper in the try at one time. So I can one have one piece of paper in the tray at a time or it jams. Any Ideas on how to fix this? THANKS!!!
by Sachi on Mar 17, 2013 at 1:22pm Add comment
The paper pickup mechanism would appear to be the issue. My Artisan 800 has grabbed multiple sheets in the past, but not the entire tray full of paper. I am unaware of any user adjustments internal to the printer. My "issue" ended up being higher that normal humidity, cheap paper and paper dust on rollers that caused up to ~ 4 sheets to feed at the same time.

What goes on here is the feed rollers use friction to grab at the top sheet of paper. They depend of the sheets being slick enough to peel off only a single sheet...

Items that might help:
(1) Clean out the pickup roller area of accumulated paper dust. Clean the rollers as well. (access through slot where duplex mechanism goes)
(2) Reset paper tray "stops" for the paper size being loaded.
(3) Switch to higher end paper of higher "weight" (24# vs 20#).
(4) "Fan" sheets apart before loading into the tray.
(5) Keep tray at least 75\% full. (Seemed to happen more frequently when tray was <25-50\% full.)

Hope the above helps...
by SeattleMarc on Mar 19, 2013 at 11:04pm Add comment
Thanks Marc. I will give that a try! I hope it works! feeding one at a time sucks lol! it only happened after I used photo paper.
by Sachi on Apr 10, 2013 at 11:16am Add comment
Sachi, this is a common problem. Remove the paper tray and tip the printer on its side. You will now have access to the pickup roller. Clean it with a rubber conditioner. Don't use alcohol as it will dry out the roller. Hope this helps.
by unknown on Apr 11, 2013 at 6:08pm Add comment
I used the WicReset software which I downloaded from the internet. You have to pay a $10.00 fee to get the reset code for your printer to reset your print counter. My waste pad unit was saturated, so I ordered the Waste Ink Tray Assembly for the Artisan 800 [Item Number 1587251] from Compass Micro. Replacing the assembly was simple, all it took was to remove one holding screw, and disconnecting the hose from the assembly unit. Printer is now working like it was brand new. Replacing the tray cost me $17.00 plus shipping vs. buying a new printer.
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I'm another who has the ink pad issue. It is so frustrating to lose printer usage and have to purchase another (different company, of course!). I have the same problems. You can't even use the scanner. I didn't find anything in the materials that there were ink pads and certainly that they would need to be replaced with minimal usage. It is also an ink guzzler. Would like to use the scanner & copier at least to save to the computer. I'm with TC 2012 on July 16, 2012, that there ought to be a lawsuit against Epson. It appears to be Deceptive Business Practices to me. They really don't offer a solution, except to buy another printer at a "customer loyalty price". Include me if anyone plans to do this.
by jwt on Jul 30, 2013 at 9:15pm Add comment
jwt,ink jet printers by their nature have to dispose of excess ink that is produced during the printing process, printhead cleaning etc. Some manufacturers use replaceable waste ink pads, others, purge units, spittoons which fill up and require replacement or cleaning. Should the ink not be disposed of it will overflow and cause a mess. Hope this helps you understand the nature of the beast.
by unknown on Jul 31, 2013 at 9:49am Add comment
For years I was very happy with Epson. I have read all of the posts prior to mine. My answer is simple, I will never buy another Epson product. I thought I was buying quality and it turned out to be a dishonest manufacturer.
by unknown on Aug 13, 2013 at 5:34pm Add comment
Interesting, jxmgoey...
You terminally skewer the manufacturer (Epson) with NO mention of the specific issue(s) you were having with your Epson that brought you to the "conclusion" that discarding the baby with the bath water for a new bath tub is the ONLY rational answer. And you do so in a forum devoted to helping folks with issues on Epson printers they are still trying to use... (i.e. are trying to keep their baby.)

Not sure I 'get' your point other than you are angry with Epson about some unspecified thing...

Sounds a lot like: ""Having issues with that Ford you own? No problem: Disregard fixing it; Don't investigate the issue; Ignore what you have already invested in it;
Just go out and buy ANYTHING EXCEPT a Ford.""

For others of like mind, I offer the following:
Epson is no better nor worse than the other folks in the retail consumer products game. They ALL make assumptions about the use, usefulness and longevity of their products that are intended to support their corporate bottom line. If they make things TOO good/last TOO long, they won't be able to sell the latest version or "update". Obviously, that "logic" works for THEM: i.e. How many versions of the iPhone, iPod, Windows OS, etc. are there, each one "better" than the last and a "MUST HAVE" purchase...
Those who tend to push their equipment beyond what supports corporate profits tend to learn what they can do to keep more dollars in their own pocket and out of the corporate coffers. It is not fool proof, it does require additional investigation and work, it can sometimes be more painful than just buying a new one, BUT it works for many (like me). If you have unlimited funds to throw at the problem, go for it; buying a new car when the ash tray gets full works or the tires wear out works for some folks (i.e. it IS a possible solution). I'm just not one of those folks...
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A circuitous question, please. I nursed several Epson R340s thru many years of CIS heavy use by using Epson's reset, by leaving it on so it didn't wast ink starting up AND by diverting the waste tube to an outside reservoir. But it finally died a belated death. Someone gave me a decent (thrift store) 800 about a month ago, which did OK until today. I'd installed re-fillable cartridges originally. Today the black cartridge ran dry - I refilled but it only prints broken lines. I've tried so many head cleanings that I've used up over half the ink I just put in all the cartridges. I've printed pages of solid black purge sheets. I've cleaned the cartridge port & the nipple on the machine with water on a swab covered with clean cotton fabric. I've injected ink into the nipple (with a syringe with a flexible tiny tip) to dislodge any possible obstruction. I don't see a vapor lock--the chambers in the cartridge are mostly full. AND NOW I'M GETTING THE INFAMOUS "YOUR INK PADS ARE NEAR THEIR USEFUL LIFE--PLEASE CONTACT..." Any ideas on my original problem of broken printing? And then I'll use all of your suggestions to address the ink pad problem.
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HisGrace -
Disclaimer: I am an end user and do not work for a repair shop, Epson or anyone else. I DO use the products offered for sale by OctoInkJet.

How Ink Jet printers work:
... Within the Print Head Nozzle, an electrical current causes the ink to boil which spits a small portion of ink onto the paper. The individual Nozzles depend on a continuous ink supply to provide cooling, prevent clogging, etc. to maintain operation of the printer.
... The Head Cleaning sequence uses ink to attempt to clear/clean the Print Head Nozzles by flushing the area with ink directed to the Waste ink area. (Waste Ink System STRONGLY recommended.)
... Obviously, running the Print Head Nozzles dry is a lot like boiling a pan of vegetable soup dry on the stove top: It is going to have dried vegetable gunk left when the fluid is gone. And rinsing it with fresh soup (Head Cleaning sequence) is not going to get it back up to snuff.

(1) Ink-Jet inks are not very water soluble (Pain to get off your hands and prints don't generally 'run' when they get wet).
(2) Head Cleaning with ink may not be 'aggressive' enough to clear some clogged Nozzles (May need to use a chemical solvent).
(3) Head Cleaning with ink WILL NOT recover from a problem caused by wear & tear or physical damage (Should be obvious).

Diagnosis (Reasoning):
(1) Print Head Nozzle clogging seems most likely. (Affects only Black, Cleaning cycle not helping)
(2) Black Nozzle is more clogged than a Head Cleaning ink flush can fix. (Printed while Black ink was dry, Cleaning cycle not helping)
(3) Print Head failure seems unlikely. (A single Waste Ink warning indicates relatively few total cycles on the printer.)

(1) Use an ink solvent/cleaning solution to remove the severely dried up ink in the Print Head Nozzles.
(2) Replace the printer Head. (I have NOT found a source for replacement heads so far.)
(3) Replace the printer.

Several companies sell Cleaning Kits/Solutions specifically designed to dissolve ink.
=> This website in the header area above:
=> eBay, Amazon, etc: Search for "Epson Print Head Cleaning".
=> InkProducts: They posted a video on severe cleaning process: youtube.com/watch?v=U2MavsyvHmY
=> OctoInkJet
=> 2Manuals
=> InkRepublic

Free WIC Software (for US/Canada printers: Requires you 'register' your printer...):
=> epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/support/InkPadsForm.jsp

Hope the above info is of some help...
by SeattleMarc on Aug 22, 2013 at 7:19pm Add comment
SeattleMarc: Really appreciate your thoughtful, thorough reply! I can visualize now what happened--the boing pan picture really fits... When I get back from a trip in a couple of weeks I'll tackle those options.
by unknown on Aug 22, 2013 at 9:52pm Add comment
SeattleMarc...Appreciate your explanation. Although the concepts are valid I would like to point out that Epson printers use a piezo electric process to fire the ink dots. The reason for this is that the dot size varies depending upon the amount of electricity applied to the transistors\\plungers in the printhead. "Bubble Jet" (heat) technology employed by Canon and others, only ejects a specific size dot when the proper temperature is reached. One other point, it is imperative to not mix solvent based cleaning agents with water based ink lest you end up with a gooey mess.
by unknown on Aug 23, 2013 at 10:14am Add comment
Several of you have mentioned continuous ink systems on your Artisan 800s. Which manufacturers & models do you like, and which do you not? Thanks
by unknown on Sep 8, 2013 at 9:37pm Add comment
There are a couple of factors to consider (IMHO):
(1) Printer Model: Artisan 800, R320, etc.
(2) Type Ink desired: Dye vs Pigment. (Pigment generally more $)
(3) Pre-filled with ink vs empty. (Empty generally less $)
(4) Auto-reset chipset: Tells printer the "ink level" in the cartridge.

I have found mine on eBay. Auto-reset chipset, Pre-filled, Dye ink for the Artisan 800 units are currently running ~$40-$90 on eBay. Personal choice is to get a CIS that has larger Yellow and/or Black 'tank' since those 2 colors seem to be used up more quickly than other colors. I also use a Waste Ink collection tank (aka "Printer Potty" from OctoInkJet: also via eBay) to avoid the mess of ink overflowing the waste pads.

Most of the CIS systems come from China, so specific Manufacturer isn't particularly available or relevant.

Good Luck!
by SeattleMarc on Sep 9, 2013 at 1:41am Add comment
Thanks, again. A follow-up question: a seller of these inks told me that Pigment ink is "mostly for heat transfer for cotton" and that "dye ink have (sic) better picture quality than pigment ink." Is that accurate? The water resistance of pigment ink appeals to me, but this doesn't sound like it is an option for general printing & photos? Thanks
by unknown on Sep 9, 2013 at 2:00am Add comment
I'm stumped! After 6+ years of nursing my printers thru the Epson Reset Utility, tonight it won't "take." Keeps going back to the block (See your dealer), at first letting me print again for 15 minutes, and now immediately after resetting successfully. I've reset it 12 times in the past 12 hours. I know I don't have full waste pads because I've diverted the waste ink to an external reservoir. I've unplugged the printer for 10 minutes. What do I do to make the utility to work?? Many thanks.
by unknown on Oct 18, 2013 at 4:30am Add comment
are you using the reset from epson website?

maybe you will have to buy the reset key as i had to do that when the reset from epson website no longer work

by unknown on Oct 18, 2013 at 4:38am Add comment
Hisgrace...Unfortunately the reset program available directly from Epson is designed as a short term fix to get you through until the pads are replaced and a full reset can be made. You will have to find an aftermarket reset program to solve this problem. Hope this helps.
by unknown on Oct 18, 2013 at 10:10am Add comment
Question to Batsmaru (since the system won't let me reply directly to you): which reset key did you buy, please?
by unknown on Oct 19, 2013 at 11:03pm Add comment
Does anyone have specific aftermarket reset programs to recommend? (I was stung in the past by one that didn't work...). Thanks
by unknown on Oct 21, 2013 at 10:03pm Add comment
Epson has a free utility and if you read the info provided on the page and request it, they will send you a reset code to go with the program.

by rbealo on Dec 10, 2014 at 8:37am Add comment
HisGrace -

I have used the free EPSON WIC utility and several paid WIC utilities on my Artisan 800 and older EPSON printers. Like you, I used the EPSON util until it stopped working. At that point, I ended up getting a paid WIC Reset utility.

I have had very GOOD luck using the paid version from the same folks who make/sell the "Printer Potty" Waste Ink collection system I also use:

I have experienced no "runs ONLY under WinXP" or other issues with their utilities. You can also DL the Program and use it to check your WIC counter BEFORE purchasing a Reset Key. This will at least verify that the program (1) runs properly on your system and (2) recognizes your particular model of printer.

Good Luck!
by SeattleMarc on Dec 22, 2014 at 10:48pm Add comment

how do i override the error

associated with the ink pad replacement on my Epson 800

by clarkjames on Mar 23, 2016 at 4:35pm Add comment

The need to replace it will depend on how many times you do head cleanings.

by John Perchulyn on Jan 13, 2017 at 6:59pm Add comment

You have to use the WIC Reset Utility to get it reset. I've used WIC on various printers in the past and all have been successfully reset. The keys can be had on eBay for a few pounds (or whatever your local currency is).

There's also the question of cleaning up the old pads/ink.

by spotify95 on Apr 8, 2020 at 5:25pm Add comment