asked Sep 6, 2000 at 11:03am
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Dataproducts LZR 960 seems dead except motor sound

My Dataproducts LZR 960 just doesn't seem to fully power up anymore. Worked fine last time I used it. Now I just hear what sounds like a usual motor sound when I used to power it up (maybe fuser turning or something) but LCD panel and LEDs all stay off/dark. Buttons on front don't do anything now.

Couldn't find any blown fuse.

Wondering if it may have taken a hit from a surge or if anyone knows what I can do short of the approx. $400 overhaul Dataproducts offered.

Symptomatic of a bad power supply. It's pretty easy to replace. Used to be able to buy them for about $60 till Genicom took over. You can get it from them for about $100. www.genicom.com. It's the same as the TI microlaser, as both use the Sharp JX-9500 engine.
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I'm assuming it is the AC power supply and not the DC power supply (as a DC ver. is listed in their parts list at http://www.genicom.com/parts/list/rspl.cfm?FAMILY=TI+MISC)??


Part#: 2565247-0001

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That's the one.
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Thanks very much for the info.

(BTW I called them & they said it was out of stock for about 30 days.)

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