asked Sep 13, 2009 at 7:56am
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Laserwriter Pro 810 IP addresses

Since Apple's latest OS incarnation, 10.6, does away with AppleTalk there are a lot of printer users who have a need to switch to Ethernet-only printing (or something else). In order to do that we need to be able to set IP numbers in the various printers.

The Laserwriter Pro 810s I own (2) are such beasts, but they came from the factory with no IP set, just blank. The only way I have been able to determine to set that number is through the Maintenance Port but finding the right software seems to be the issue now.

I think what I need is software called a Network Control Program (NCP) which may be a part of Unix, maybe not (certainly not Apple's BSD). Also I would need a computer with a crossover cable.

Telnet won't work because no IP number was set at the factory; only NCP will work because it can access the printer settings using the MAC address.

I don't know where I got them, but I do have fairly complete instructions on how to do this but don't know where to get the appropriate software. I've been searching all week but so far, no luck.

I did find one old thread here dating to 2001 or so which had a link, but that link no longer exists.

I know I can use another computer which has AppleTalk capabilities and use it as a shared printer, but that's a waste of electricity since that's all it would be used for.

Can anyone point me to a source for the software I need? It can be freeware, shareware or commercial; it just needs to do the job.