asked Sep 12, 2009 at 10:05am
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

HP Laserjet 4 +/Burned out board?

I think a board has burned out on my Laserjet 4 Plus. It is connected to an iMac, OSX 10.6, with an IEEE to USB cable, which recognized the printer and communicated with it before today. The printer had been decommissioned for over a year, but was reconnected several weeks ago. Each time it has been powered on since, there has been a burning plastic smell for a few seconds. Today I powered it on, noticed the smell, and the Mac no longer recognized that the printer is connected.

Wonder if the Formatter (Main Logic) Board has gone bad? Would I even be able to find a replacement board? The only other board in this printer I see on diagrams on the HP site is the DC Controller Board which doesn't seem like it would be the cause of this problem.

The indicator lights, power and online, are working. When a print job is sent, the online line no longer flashes like it used to.

Any advice you can offer is appreciated! Would really like to get this printer running again.

( I think I described the connection right.....the cable plugs into the back of the printer, then connects to a USB cable to the Mac.)
If you are not getting any error messages on the display, then it might still be OK. The burning smell could be dust that has accumulated during the year of storage being burnt away by the fuser. The problem could be the USB to IEEE adapter is not set up correctly. If possible connect the printer to a PC with a regular IEEE cable and see if you are able to print to it.
by rohmell on Sep 12, 2009 at 10:29am Add comment
Will it do a self test printout from the printer control panel menu? If not, try an engine test
If it does either or both of those, then it would point at the formatter board being bad. I can supply you with one. Just click on my name to email me for pricing/ordering info.
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