asked Sep 11, 2009 at 10:06am
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Apple personal laserwriter ls flashing lights

About 18 months ago I aquired a Mac Classic and personal laserwriter ls. The LS had a bad scanner motor and needed a new toner cartridge. I fixed it with parts I got from here and it worked fine.

I haven't used the laserwriter for about a year and my wife recently got a macbook so I was thinking of trying to share the printer on my network. I went to turn it on and now the top two lights just flash. I tried printing to it and I get a no laserwriter found message. I assume it failed self test. Is there any way to figure out why the top two lights are flashing?

I could have sworn I got a laser error during one of my print attempts but now I only get the printer not found message.


The lights flash for fuser problem or laser problem. The way to tell is if the lights flash while it is warming up, it's the fuser not getting hot. You can actually see the fuser light through the holes around the door latch.
If the problem happens when you send a print job, you should hear the motor spin up when you send the job. If you replace the motor that recently, I doubt it failed that quickly. They usually last for 5 or more years.
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So to be clear, the fuser will start warming up right after the printer is turned on and before any jobs are sent to it?


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Yes, the fuser should heat up to operating temperature and then the printer goes to ready. The fuser then cycles periodically to maintain operating temperature. If at any point, the controller senses that it isn't at operating temperature, then it will flash the lights.
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