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Hp HP LaserJet 4

Resetting HP Photosmart C6180

Got this from HP Chat when I was having problems with my printer cycling on and off. I'm so irritated that they try to sell you a new printer when you have a problem that I am posting the info to help others.
To Reset to factory settings:
1. Unplug power cord from unit
2. Wait 20 seconds
3. Press and hold # and 6 while plugging cord into unit - release buttons when unit comes on.
4. it will then shut off, turn it on.

Worked for me.
Doesn't work for me. I have tried everything possible. mine just keeps on rebooting no matter what I do. The HP support guy even told me to hold down the 'ON' button with the power unplugged for 1 minute to dissipate the static electricity. My next step will be to buy a different brand.
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My computer has been randomly shutting down and restarting. The lighted display screen to the left has given an improper shutdown message from time to time. Now it simply shows the hp logo and a small rectangle below it appearing to have a white and black light repeatedly scanning across. The blue light under the glass is on currently. When I press the on button,a light comes on briefly, then goes out again. Occasionally, random beeps can be heard.

During a meeting yesterday, I had to unplug it. It was noisily distracting because it seemed to be repeatedly trying to run through what sounded like the usual maintenance routine, but never reset.

{Last week I had to come on the forum because of another phantom error which I was able to fix--now this. I'm about to throw the towel in because I have to make a lot of copies for customers and meetings this week. Seems to be another case of planned obsolescence. I'm old enough to recall when things were actually made to last.}

I would appreciate any help anyone can offer. It's not my nature to give up on things, but I have to have a working printer. Thanks in advance.
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