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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson Color Stylus 600

The day treatment center for developmentally-disabled adults has had this printer since it was new. It has always been connected through a parallel scanner (first a Umax Astra 610P and then a Hewlett-Packard 3200C Scanjet.) Recently it has been giving me false "paper out" messages, false "printer off-line" messages, printing half a page and continuing the bottom half on the next sheet, or getting "stuck" on one line. I have been wasting an average of one sheet out of three. I've tried connecting it directly to the computer -- no change. I've run through all the suggestions at the Epson site and at the H-P site -- no change. I've swapped parallel cables -- no change. I've changed to more recent drivers for both the printer and the scanner -- no change. The printer works fine on another computer and a swapped H-P inkjet works fine on the computer that normally has the Epson.

Any ideas would be welcome at this point!


Check the Parallel Port Mode in BIOS.

Your setting should be either, Bi-Directional or EPP.
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Unfortunately, "been there, done that." It makes no difference at all.

But since I posted, the printer went into a classroom and is running fine on another computer. I was able to do that because somebody had just donated an Epson 880. I got the drivers for the 880, cleaned it up a bit, and it's running fine.

Thanks for the reply.

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