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Canon Canon Pixma MP190

Canon PIXMA MP190 - paper pulls to one side and ja

My Canon PIXMA MP190 is giving some problem. The paper pulls to one side and jams up. Looks like the feeder is trying to pull the paper only from the right. Any suggestions to troubleshoot this problem?

Unplug it, turn it upside down and carefully shake it out.
There is something like a pencil, film cartridge, coin, etc.stuck
in there. It has happened to me twice. Just shining a flashlight in it didn't help but shaking it out worked every time. Hope the helps you , that is SO frustrating.
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THANK YOUUUUUUUU! I was about to throw my printer out of the window, but I'm a broke medical student and can't afford another. That was the MOST FRUSTRATING, you are a lifesaver!!!!! - dooley0142
THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! I almost tossed my printer out of frustration and thought I'd look one more time for an answer... a @#^\% pencil in the feeder! Thanks again!
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Thank you so much! This has been frustrating me for months and I only bought it a year ago.

What did I find? a packet of pocket tissues in there. That could have been an expensive trip to the repair shop.
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Life Saver!!! :)

Was almost going to toss the damn thing out the window, i read this, gave shaking a go.
Fucking pet food fell out of the printer!!
Now it works fine :)

Thank You!!!
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Oh my word. I couldn't figure out why my printer wasn't feeding the paper through and I found this post on google and tried it and it worked!! I couldn't believe it!! Cat litter fell out and thats what was clogging it!! Thanks so much for the help! I almost bought another one!!
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Life saver thread. Got a pencil. Canon said they would charge me 750 bucks for a visit. This thread saved me the money.
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Thank you! Great post. With a cardstock shim managed to displace a ceiling drywall hook from the feed rollers (previously used to suspend a lamp). Jiggled it out and now paper feed properly again. Excellent.
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Holy Crap... been pissed at this printer for days! Turned it upsidedown... rubber band! Can't believe this worked. Thanks for posting. :)
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Cheers! (Never mind upside down the printer nearly went out of the window til I came here!)

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UNBELIEVABLE! I was about to head to Staples to buy another printer and thankfully the google search worked!
One working printer now- minus magnet from nearby filing cabinet. THANKS EVERYONE!
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I don't believe it! There was something stuck in there I couldn't see and shaking didn't help. But forcing a piece of A4 sized cardboard through while doing a copy forced out a tiny piece of popcorn!! Bad nephew not getting food near my printer again!
Printer now working properly again.
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Printer wouldn't acknowledge it had paper in it. I though I'd have to get another printer! I turned it upside down.. nothing. Then I shook it and HOLY [email protected]#T! A marker couldn't believe it.. I saw nothing in there.
THANK YOU soo much!
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I, too, was about to buy another printer. THANK YOU SO MUCH
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play doh in my printer. had to get it out with a safety pin!! thanks for the help!!
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I thought this whole thread was a joke, but . . . I was desperate! - I pulled out a piece of toy and a bead. My printer still makes some weird noises - probably the result of my earlier attempts at fixing it, but it works! The person who came up with this idea of shaking it out is a genius! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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You are a life saver!!! I had a marvel stuck in it! I didn't even see it. Thank you so much!!
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THANK YOU, I didn't think it would have something stuck in it, shaking it didn't work but I forced paper through it and it pulled some crumbs out :D thank you so so much!
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why am I the only person this didn't work for :(
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i had tried many things, before landing to this forum, and shaked it...
it worked, small magnet toy came out.
working now like a charm.
Thanks thanks.
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so funny at the variety of objects.. we'll see what i come up with.
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shaked it nothing - still jamming to the right side
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My Canon MP470 pulled paper to one side. Thanks for the simple solution. It worked and made doing my taxes a little less of a pain.

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OMG you are tooo awesome this printer has been old faithful I was so sad. Funny how a post from 6 years ago saved my butt. Took me a couple of tries but now I have a blue crayon I'm sure my two year old was trying to share!!

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I tried turning it upside down and nothing happened. Then I saw one post that said too much or not enough paper may cause this to happen. So why trying to fix this problem I was in printer management, operate your printer. And under that I was in maintenance for Canon MP190. Under maintenance there is an option for roller cleaning. I finally forced A larger stack of paper through my roller after many tries and then all of a sudden I had a paper jam but the paper all came out. When I open the front of my printer lo and behold there was a bread tie sticking out. I pulled the rest of it out through the front . Thank God for my persistence and this thread.

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Brilliant! The cardboard did it for me - Coin stuck but couldn't see it. What is it with printers and windows mine was heading that way too... THANKS......
by Ottey on Apr 30, 2016 at 6:29am Add comment

Worked like a charm!! At this point I had already opened up the printer, taken out the cartridges, poked around in the innards with a BBQ skewer ...but couldn't find anything. I wouldn't have thought of shaking it in fear of ..well, breaking something. Did it and a thumbtack came flying out. Thanks!

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This post is almost ten years old and it surely just helped me! At first I tried the shaking and nothing came out, so I kept trying the roller cleaning setting and tried sending a thinker piece of paper through like suggested earlier in some of the comments. The paper jammed and when I pulled it out, out popped an oil pastel! So heres to hoping that did the trick! Just finished the roller cleaning test and all the paper came thru with out jamming. YAY!

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2019 and you're still a hero.

I really needed something printed and I have had this trusty printer forever and I couldn't believe when it started to jam up! I figured it had finally gone to the printer graveyard and I was gonna start shopping for a new one when this thread popped up in my search. I thought no way because I had looked in there and even shined a flashlight. My 5 year old son asked why I was unplugging it and then was very confused when I started shaking it upside down. All of a sudden he goes there was a pen in there! We plug it back in and sure enough it's back to being my trusty printer. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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A crystal the size of a pea came out of mine.....can't thank you enough

by itsjaQi on Nov 16, 2019 at 5:09pm Add comment

Oooh thank you so much for requstign it and help to solve the problem, I stuck with it for almost an hour. I faced it when I was suppose to print my assignment from which I have ordered. I was so much late to the lesson, so I had to ask someone else to print my expository essay.

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I can't believe that it worked. The key to my Suburban fell out immediately. All my key hang on the wall directly about the printer. It's also crazy that this post started 10 years ago! Thanks again!

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Paper clamp for me VIVA la shaky de printer!!!!

by SKiDZz on Apr 28, 2020 at 10:12am Add comment

I can't believe it! Husband and I messing about for ages with the printer, he abandoned it, insisting we need a new printer! I googled the issue, saw your post, gave it a try and wow!!

A large dead moth and a screw!!

Thank you so much:)

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I thought this was too easy and couldn't imagine anything being stuck in my printer. Well. I had nothing to lose so I got my son to shake it really hard and guess what.....a colouring pencil fell out. Thanks soooooo much. I can't believe this thread is over 10 yrs

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