asked Aug 14, 2009 at 9:07am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Have I destroyed my piezo printhead?

I have an Epson SX600FW (~WorkForce 600) with MicroPiezo head. Recently, I changed from Epson's original cartridge to a compatible one which caused a blockage. Then, after a quick search on the net I started to clean the head manually, silly me, the wrong way, not being aware of the difference between thermal and piezo heads. After trying the usual methods (I used distilled water, isopropil alcohol and air), the nozzles are probably clean, but the entire head is full of air and perhaps completely destroyed.

The current symptoms are:
(1) When I pushed water through the head with a syringe, I got a nice looking fountain from the nozzles, so I believe there is no clog.
(2) None of the colors are printed, however I get a very little bit of magenta from some nozzles.

My questions:
(1) Is it possible I destroyed the printhead, when pushing water/alcohol/air through it? There might be some drops of water got into the electronics of the head (nearby the connector where the flat cable is connected).
(2) If there is a chance that the printhead is still OK, what is the best way to get the air out of it? I did some reading on this forum, and the conclusion is that I'm supposed two buy 2-3 sets of genuine cartridges and keep doing automatic head cleaning processes and leave the printer overnight to rest. After a week I might get the printhead working again. Is there a cheaper way than this?

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!