asked Jan 6, 2001 at 9:46am
Panasonic Panasonic KX P4400

Reuse printer drum? (Panasonic KX-P4400)

My old trusty Panasonic kx-p4400 laser printer is "Vigorously" telling me that it needs a "new" drum. I can print only one page and must turn the printer off/on to print another.

Is there a way to reset the drum's "counter". Call me cheap but I think the drum's print quality is still great!!

You Should take the drum unit out of the printer and where the toner disposal "tank" is, there is a sensor that is looking at the amount of toner there. Tapping gently on the tank and rocking the waste toner down will allow you to print another 100 pages or so. Then the unit will probably shut down.
by Ray on Jan 6, 2001 at 2:49pm Add comment
There is no sensor in the cartridge itself. There is an optical sensor in the printer. When the waste tank is full, a black plastic arm pivots upward in the clear plastic protrusion above the waste tank. A light beam shoots through it at a photocell on the other side. When the arm blocks it, it sends a signal to tell the display to give a change drum message. If you slide off the waste tank, pull back on the cover above it and blow some air through it (it's messy) You should restore operation for awhile. Be very careful not to expose the drum to too much light or nick or scratch it during the procedure. Wrap a rag or towel around it.
by moe on Jan 6, 2001 at 5:52pm Add comment