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Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP2550 L L/jet still printing lines across images

I posted on this subject last month with no replies.
The problem is still this:-
Lots of problems with the LJ, Arranged for an Instant Repair contract. Lots of phones to India and so forth and the outcome was that I needed a new Imaging drum This arrived with the engineer and it was the wrong one. A replacement arrived by post on the monday and wss easily installed.
On printing out a page of a charity newsletter, the images, three of e=them, emerged with thin (1mm) blue lines across each image placement box, not outside at all. The lines are 33mm apart.
This is useless as I do a lot of newsletter printing and the output is laughable.
The printer is fine with B & W work, even the images don't have lines.
Now. I have bombarded HP with e-mails, been on a long chat with someone and when that closed with no solution, I tried a chat again and after a few minutes that was terminated! Quite abruptly.
The contract was to cost me £150 odd for the telephone help and the cost of whatever parts supplied. I have e-mailed the instant repair unit with no success.
I'm desperate, gone back to an old HP 960 cxi which does a job but not so good as the L/jet.
Does anyone have any ideas what is causing the blue lines?
Can I clean the rollers on the imaging drum and can I also try cleaning the fuser rollers with Isoprpopyl Alcohol and kitchen roll?
I've just scrapped a Samsung CLP-300 so I don't have a backup. If the Imaginf drum isn't at fault, what can it be?
Yours frustratedly,

The cyan toner is not turning. Have you replaced it?
The carousel could be out of alignment.
Page counts and consumable levels?
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