asked Jan 6, 2001 at 5:06am
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Optra R opinion(s)...

I have the "opportunity" to buy a dead Optra R for $25 with a used toner, no manuals. I've read the original reviews about how they were state of the art back in 1995 and the 12ppm sure would be nice. I also know that I've not seen much information about the Optra R, but that's why I'm creating this post.

The feedback I'm looking for pertains to how repairable they are. I've only fixed HP printers and have been successful because of the availabilty of good advice on this board, the ease of repair (difficulty level), resonable part prices and HP's quality information on their website.

Based on the order of items above being the order of importance, what should I expect with the Optra R? What would you do?


Also, I don't know if any error codes are displaying or why the printer is deemed 'dead'. When I buy from this store, it generally means that they cannot get a test page to print.


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I wince everytime a Lexmark comes in for repair. They are extremely difficult to work on. Parts are expensive. Toner cartridges cost as much as some printers. I wouldn't pay $25 for a working one. The last one that came in with a pickup problem, I convinced the owner to toss it and buy an HP. The designers (someone has to graduate at the bottom of their class) built the printer on top of the pickup assembly. Good 2 - 3 hours of work to replace it.
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