asked Jan 5, 2001 at 8:33pm
Hp HP DesignJet 90

HP DeskJet 520

I bought it used and it works sometimes on my wifes 80386. I recently got it to work on my Pentium 90 but it won't work now on the 80386.When it does not work it makes loud noise, grabs 2 or 3 pieces of paper and all the lights start blinking. When it prints it works well. Any ideas
Grabbing several sheets of paper is a worn separation pad. That's the rubber pad below one of the pickup rollers. The grinding sound is a carriage stall. Could be because there is too much paper being ingested. Could be lack of lubrication on the carriage shaft. Try spraying it with silicon spray or a teflon lube. You can buy either at any auto parts store. The rubber separation pad is a bit more difficult to access, requiring disassembly of the printer.
by moe on Jan 6, 2001 at 5:35pm Add comment
Thanks for your suggestions. I would like to try to repair/lubricate this printer but I need a parts diagram that would show these parts? and how to replace/repair them? Also a source for the part. Also since this printer was bought used, it did not come with any manual. Is there source for the manual?
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