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Hp HP LaserJet 4

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Purchased my Laserjet 4 new .... long time ago. I never had any problems with it until I began to get paper jams and the "accordian fold".

I installed your "accordian fold" repair kit. The instructions on the CD were excellent and my printer started up without any error messages.

However I can't print a test page or any other type page. The printer goes through all the motions but only pushes out a blank page.

I installed a new HP cartridge but still no results.

The roller assembly has a metal tab type ground that was attached to the frame. I took this off when I disassembled the machine and put it back on when I reassembled the machine. BUT I noticed another metal tab on the bottom of the roller assembly. I didn't do anything with it because I couldn't reason where it goes or what it's for. The CD instructions never mention this metal tab. Would this tab be my problem?

This machine has some life in it yet and I would like to get it printing. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.
There really is nothing that you could have done in replacing the exit assy. to cause that kind of problem. The only thing I can think of is that since you did remove the top, the laser assy. is up there. That's the black box in the center. At the front of it is a metal shutter. It's possible that you somehow dislodged this shutter and that would cause blank pages if it was in the closed position. There is a return spring on the left side of it (looking from the front of the printer).
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Moe speaks true.

I installed the exit assembly repair kit. [An aside--It was almost a piece of cake, with the video going clearly every single step of the way. I did watch the video completely through before even touching the printer, to be sure I had some idea where this was going. The only hiccup I really had was that I didn't hold the assembly correctly and pulled the roller bars off in the opposite order. Fortunately, that didn't really mess up what needed doing. In pulling off the green plastic gear mechanism I managed to pull the metal plate behind it off, too, and it took a few minutes of head-scratching to figure out why my part didn't look like the one in the video.]

When I put everything back together and printed a text sheet, I got nothing. Maybe I needed a new toner cartridge? Tried a new one, still nothing. So I pull the top and side off again, and pull the fuser out, trying to spot what could possibly have happened. Info in some of the other forum threads made me think that the shutter on the laser was probably the problem, so I poked around there. (I didn't find this thread until I was searching where to post this comment!) Facing the front of the machine, on the left on top of the laser assembly, I noticed this little metal thing with a spring that looked like it was supposed to be attached to a little plastic knob right next to it. I hooked it in place, put everything back together, and printed a test page. Perfect printout!

Several years ago a friend recommended this site for information on fixing printers. I'm glad I remembered it, and was able to find it when I needed to get my workhorse back to work. I have another monster HP laser printer that needs some work (it was donated by a business that no longer needed it), so if I can't get it up and running on my own I'm going to be back here to find exactly what I'll need to get running again.
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Moe is da man. And what a great printer the LJ 4 was in it's day.
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