asked Jan 5, 2001 at 12:06pm
Hp HP DesignJet 10


Worked with HP laser jets for last 10 years. So I bought a used HPIII when I retired. Had no idea how fussy toner cartridges can be until I tried getting uniform output (and failed)and read all the toner messages on your site. Yes, I now have two "cheap" remanufactured toners. They are like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. One prints too dark and smudgy even on 9. The other too light and streaky on 1. The only benefit is the contrast clearly indicates the HPIII is healthy.

Can I adjust the cartridge in any fashion to get some use from them?

Also, any simple explanation for the difference in output quality between the HP self test page and pages printed from my software? From software the smudger is even more smudgy and the streaker is even lighter.

Cartridge rebuilding is a science. There are lots of different ways to rebuild those. Hundreds of choices of toners, drums, wiper blades etc. It takes a lot of experimentation to come up with the right mix. Witness Xerox cartridges. These are basically a combination of aftermarket toner, drum and blades. Some of the worst cartridges I've ever tested. If a big company like them can't get it right, what are your chances with the thousands of incompetent little guys who are doing them. There's no way to adjust the things after they are improperly done.
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