asked Jul 15, 2009 at 11:23am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

hp laserjet 4

My printer works great using a HP 92298X cardridge. But when I put in a brand new "A" version it does not work. It sounds like the gears are slipping. I tried it with 3 new ones.
Thanks in Advance for your help.
I've seen that a lot with 98As. When the cartridges (which are all expired) are stored for any length of time, the developer roller blade sticks to it and the developer roller freezes. This causes the gear slipping noise. Also, I've seen some where the toner hardened into toner rocks and seized it up as well. You can pull back on the shutter and simulate it turning by turning the large gear away from your body with your right thumb.
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Thanks for the help. It must really be frozen it won't move at all.
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They're new OEM, but we open them and replace the deteriorated parts. We also have 98X cartridges for a bit more.
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