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Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple Laserwriter II

Good Day
Wife bought a used Apple Laserwriter II NT, and she has a Pentium, Win 95 computer.
Can this printer be used?
Where could I find necessary information on cables & drivers etc.?

Thank you for your consideration.
Dale Bennett
Hi Dale,

If you do an "Add Printer" in Win95 - I don't recall if it already knows about the Apple LaserWriters and will install a driver. Otherwise, if you go to www.apple.com/support and select the "Downloads" area - use the search words laserwriter windows and it will bring up info on a set of driver disks (3 floppies after unzipping) to use with Win95. There is also a fairly lengthy info piece right with the download info on the sight.

To connect the LaserWriter to your PC - the LaserWriter has a 25-pin rs-232 serial connector. You'll need either a 25-pin to 25-pin or a 9-pin to 25-pin cable depending on the serial connections you have available on your PC (9 or 25).

Enjoy the printer They are built like tanks. Same as the HP LaserJet II's - have had/seen several of these that went 2-300,000 pages without breathing hard. - Tom
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You'll need a "null modem" cable for it to work with a PC. You'll also have to flip the 2 switches on the back of the logic board. I hope you're not in any kind of hurry, because it's going to be real slow. You can use any Postscript driver. The generic postscript driver will work fine.
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A friend has given me a Laserwriter II NT and impossible to make it working with win98...

The test page is blocked (what software should I use to enable the test page ?)

I have tried lot's of baud rate configuration unsuccessfully...

I'm sure that the printer is ok because it run with a old mac LCIII (68030 based) and localtalk)

I have tried Hyperterminal but without any results, so you are my last chance !

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The only way to enable the test page is with a Mac Utility. You absolutely can't do it from a PC. You have to flip the 2 switches on the board to the other position for PC operation. You also have to use a Null Modem serial cable to make it work. Good luck.
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I downloaded the pdf995 software to create pdf files but can't use it.I get a response saying I must install the Apple Laserwriter II NT printer driver to set it up. I can't find this driver. Where can I get it? I have already been to www.apple.com, CNET, and other web sites but have not been able to find it. And is this the only driver compatible with pdf995?

Do you know any other free software I can use to create PDF files I can send as e-mail attachments?
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Thanks. But I still couldn't find the Apple
Lasewriter II NT printer driver at the site you
referred me to.

Any other suggestions, including a free software
you may know of that I can use to create PDF files?
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same question of Godvrey (12/02/2002)and get the same second repeated question
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> Thanks. But I still couldn't find the Apple
> Lasewriter II NT printer driver at the site you
> referred me to.
> Any other suggestions, including a free software
> you may know of that I can use to create PDF
> files?
Yes, the same thing happened to me. What you do is go OK and then it gives you directions and pops up an add printer box (if it doesn't, go to Control Panel -> Printers -> Add Printer). Select Apple, and then Apple Laserwriter II NT. Click OK, put it on any port, and then don't print a test page. Proceed to install PFD995.

It works for me on WinME.

Brian C. Becker

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I have a laserwriter 4/600 ps that I would like to use with a Windows machine. Is this possible? The printer has a din 8 connector. Can I build a cable/adapter?
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Same problem. I have an old Apple laserwriter, and I want to print with my Pc. My problems are: how toconnect to Pc, where I can find drivers and could it work with Windows XP. If anybody could help me, I thanks in advance.

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To make localtalk printers speak
with win 95/ win 98 you need
PC MacLAN on the win95 or win 98
PC. Then you need a localtalk to ethertalk
bridge (ASANTE makes one). You can also
use a software solution (PrintShare or LaserBridge).

For Linux people, you can use netatalk to speak
to the printer (this is hard to set up). Then
you can use SAMBA to share the printer with
Windows (this is also hard!).

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Regarding PC to Appletalk printer. I am running Windows 2000 on a network with Mac's and PC's.
I have my Mac printing to a local talk printer via a Farallon iPrint Ethernet to Local talk adapter. Question is, how do I get my Windows 2000 machine to address the Farallon iPrint over the ethernet connection?

My printer accepts drivers from Windows PC's and Mac OSX/OS9. I just can't seem to get the Windows 2000 PC to address/recognize the Farallon iPrint on the network.

Any info desired. thanks,
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