asked Jun 25, 2009 at 6:14am
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

scanning software

Please help! I need a "FREE" scanning software program for the K 80. HP*S "DIRECTOR" is of no use because it is tied in to MICROSOFT products. I CANNOT use WORD, OUTLOOK, EXPRESS. I CAN use WORDPAD. I need a program that will scan INTO YAHOO, GMAIL, ABIWORD. They will either be on a SCAN TO list or I will be able to add them manually. I really meant "FREE", to use, to download. If it is a universal type, meaning that it could be used with other brands/model, that would be a plus. [email protected] Any help welcome. I cannot find one anywhere. Even "SCANNING SERVICES" companies cannot help. I cannot believe this is so difficult. I was concidering getting a flat bed, but no one can tell me if THEIR scanner will go to YAHOO, ect. This is NOT on the box, nor is it in the manual. Thank you.