asked Jan 5, 2001 at 9:39am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple LaserWriter II how to use?

I was recently given a LaserWriter II... the folks did not think it worked.. with tinkering it did.

Is there a website I can order a manual?

Does it ALWAYS print a test page upon start up?

Is it a "loud" machine? I can hear it all the time.

Are black smudges along the edge a toner thing, cartridge, etc.?

Where can I buy toner, or whatever it takes?

It seems to lode up the documents slowly... is this normal?

Will extra RAM make it run faster? Can I still buy RAM for this old of a machine? Cost effective?

I am thrilled that it still works. I plan to use it for my Graduate work and I simply love to tinker.

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That's the most questions anyone ever asked in one post. I'll have to charge extra.
There are no manuals available anymore. I think I might have one somewhere in the shop. I believe they are available in pdf format somewhere on the web. You can turn off the start page in the Utility menu. The loud noise is probably either the upper or lower fan. You can lube the bushing on the left side of the upper fan by pulling off the rubber grommet and putting some light oil or silicon lube on the shaft the brass bushing rides on. The lower fan has to be replaced if it's making the noise. Black smudes on the edge are almost always a bad toner cartridge. It uses the equivalent of an HP92295A, commonly available. It's a serial printer, there is no way to speed it up. You can only add ram if it is an NTX, F or G. Ram will not make it go any faster, strictly a function of processor and i/o. Hope that answers all your questions. From now on you're limited to 3. Good luck.
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Here is a website that has most of the Apple Manuals for download in .PDF format.The Lasewriter IIP is listed plus many other printers and computers.:-)Good Luck......
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