tyler 51

asked Jun 19, 2009 at 9:11am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

hp laser jet 4v printing problems

i have cleaned the optics put on a new transfer roller ive gone through 7 cartridges form 4 different suppliers

when i print a full 11 x 17 black page the first 2 inchs of the print is nice and dark but after that it gets lite

any body have any ideas why this is happening
I think you probably should have posted this with your old post so everybody knows the background and everything we have attempted to have you do. I would say your next step would be the High Voltage p/s which I believe is what was finally said on the other thread. The only thing that sucks about this on going issue is the fact that HP doesnt make OEM cartridges for this machine anymore so its always hard to rule that out as a possiblity. But going through seven carts, chances are aleast one of those would have been pretty close to the Hp standards for the machine.
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ok , so what im starting to believe is that hp toner is darker than any other toner on the market , some of the carts ive had are darker then others but none are close to hp ,
i did run a bunch of test pages where i print 12 pages with the density down all the way and then 12 with it 1/2 way then 12 all the way up and there is no diff in any of the prints , i wondering if hp toner is the only toner that will react to the density control
hp does have a patent on there toner
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is there any way to test the high voltage card on the 4v ?
by tyler 51 on Jun 19, 2009 at 12:02pm Add comment
just wondering if hp toner is darker then most compatibles
and if u can test HV card or power supply anywhere , ive got about 400 in the printer so far and dont want to go much more

Moe u where going to look for a PS card , did u happen to get a chance to find a working 1
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the problem was the toner, hp does make a darker toner , i found someone that has a 4v and they had a original hp cart in it and they let me barrow it ,the print came out black as nite i was also able to get the density control to react as well ,with the compatible i wasnt able to do that, i went through a total of 8 compatible carts from 5 different companies, so if any one else has trouble with lite print , try to get brand not compatibles , in my case im up a creek cause hp discontinued the 4v cart in 2007 and nobody has anymore
by the way MOE mentioned this to me when i first started having this problem , he told me i would have to keep trying carts till i found a company that had 1 as dark as i needed, i never did find 1 but good call MOE
at least i have a clean and refurbished printer now
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I was just about to look for a HV card. Guess I don't have to. On the plus side, I was right about it probably being a bad toner cartridge. Back in the day when I was remanufacturing toner cartridges, people would complain that they were too dark. I used to use every trick in the book to get them to print solid blacks.
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