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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R280

Epson Stylus Photo R280 - Head Parked Position

Hi Folks, I got my Epson R280 because it prints on CDs/DVDs. I didn't have much luck using a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) because the head banged back & forth and no matter how I adjusted the CISS, the printhead always ended up misaligned when printing CDs & DVDs and banged back and forth until I took the CISS out and put the Epson cartridges back in.
But then I found a non-OEM ink tank which was less expensive. I was having good luck with those until the last couple that I put in. After installing two ink tanks this last time, when I started up the printer I got an error that said: "Internal parts need servicing according to the documentation." I couldn't find anything in the manual that said anything about servicing parts or having to send the printer back to Epson, so I called Epson Tech Support. They told me to send it back for a warranty repair or exchange. The problem is, I have the non-OEM ink tanks in the printer. There is no response when I turn the power on - the printer is dead! The error lights blink in turn, alternating one after the other back and forth. So I can't get the print head to move into the "load cartridge" position. Does anyone know of a way to manually get the print head in the "load cartridge" position? I would like to see if putting Epson ink cartridges back in will fix my problem, which is what I suspect. I think I will only use genuine EPSON ink cartridges from now on!
Thanks, David (dov)
tha machine has a print counter. when it decides you have made enough prints, the driver pops up the "service bulletin" new cartridges will not solve. Hacking the software will but I do not know the hack.
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Hi Anonymous,

Thank you also for your reply as well.

David (dov) - dov
The waste pads are full. Search for the SSC utility to reset the counter then either clean or replace the waste ink pads.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I was able to track down the Epson Ink Pad Reset Utility for the R280 ( and download it, but I haven't run it yet.

I had to put my Serial Number in (so it must be dependent on the manufacturing date of my printer - maybe even a warranty issue!) and I was sent a link to download the Utility ( plus the Activation Key for the Epson Ink Pad Reset Utility.

So, thank you for the information.

David (Dov)

- dov
I did everything like the above, but it give me an error message when I try to download the utility. Suggestions?
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