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Apple LaserWriter Select 360 - Dirty printouts

I have an Apple LaserWriter Select 360 printer that prints blotches of toner of equal spacing down the center of the page. It appears to be getting fainter with continued use. I have read that it might be a toner problem, but I am not convinced that this is the case. I have purchased a new-old stock toner, still sealed. I have also checked the drum inside the cartridge and it looks perfectly clean. Could this be a problem with the fuser?

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-Gil Ramirez.
New old stock toner would be over 5 years old and questionable.
It's been mentioned hundreds of times on the forum, but I guess it's never enough. You need to do a half-stop test. That's where you print a test page using the Manual Feed. When the end of the page disappears into the printer, you open the lid to stop the printing. If you see the problem on the page, it's a bad toner cartridge. If the page is clean, then it's happening after it goes through the fuser assy. I'm going to give it a 100\% probability of it being the toner cartridge.
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I have a Service Manual in PDF format for the 360 which will explain how to take it apart and clean or repair it. I'll gladly send it to you, if you still need help. philippe. They are great printers, a bit slow, but built like Sherman Tanks!
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My Star ls-5 printer is based on the same engine. Let me ask you for this Service Manual for the Apple LaserWriter Select 360, my "Shermann" needs massive cleaning. Thank you in advance - Anonymous
Hi do you still have a cleaning manual for the 360? i need to clean it too.. thanks a lot! - aton
Hi Anonymous - do you happen to still have a copy of the printer manual and the cleaning manual - would very much appreciate a pdf copy. - Jolly
This is a faulty toner cartridge. I believe there is a blade that cleans the drum that causes the issue - the blotches will be the same distance apart as the circumference of the drum. I have had this on several brand new Apple carts over the years - some worse than others. I have occasionally seen it improve after a few hundred prints but not always.
Hope this is helpful if not a fix.
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Hello, I do have an Acrobat(PDF) Apple Service Manual (256 pages) which describes in detail how to take apart the WHOLE machine: for Models 300, 310 & 360 and how to repair them. When you take them apart (quite easy actually) you can clean the printer, especially the mirror and all parts that collect dust over the years and then print dirty & blurred sheets. If you want I can send it to you; just need your e-mail address. Philippe
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My LaserWriter Select 360 is still printing great EXCEPT for the dark bands at the edges that are just getting wider and wider. (There's only a 1/3-of-a-page strip down the middle that is white!) New toner cartridges don't help. Rocking the cartridge doesn't help. Does it sound like cleaning could do the trick? I've had it for years and , with dismay at the scale of electronic waste, would love to keep it going. Don't use it that much. Prefer it to the cheap inkjets!
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The only thing that can cause the problem is the toner cartridge. I'm surprised they are still available. I don't know what you define as new. Could be a new cartridge that has sat around unused for years. They go bad with the same kind of symptoms even though they've never been used. I understand your dismay, but that wasn't a very great printer when it was new. Given the almost total unavailability of cartridges and parts for it, I'd say it's a candidate for the recycling company. - moe
The problem is probably in the transfer roller area. But the best is to check in a guide-Maintenance Manual I can send you. It lists all the possible problems and how to fix them. However, that means taking apart the printer, (which is very well explained) BUT which is no easy job. If you are good taking apart things and putting them back together, then I would suggest that. My 2 Apple Select 360's have been sitting around (not used) for a couple of years and a recent test showed that print qauality had drastically dropped. I'm gong to have to dump them after amny years of good service. I can send you the PDF repair Manual, if you feel up to it. Philippe
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Thanks, Moe. I guess I have squeezed out every drop of life in it...
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Philippe, I have nothing to lose by trying to dismantle the machine. The print quality in the center of the page is perfect, so if I can at least reduce the gray stripes, it will be good enough for most of my purposes. I will take you up on your offer. How do we arrange it?
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Hi Alice, Just send me your e-mail address and I'll send you the PDF Service Manuaal. It's very complete (256 pages) but easy to find the problem that seems to be yours and to follow the instructions. You'll need a bunch of fairly simple tools and a fairly good size work area to carefully take apart and also carefully keep the all parts you remove so that you can find them when it comes to putting the printer back together. If you haven't taken apart such a machine like this, I would strongly suggest you find a friend that can help you. This manual has helped me quite a bit. But it takes lots of patience and exactness to take it apart and analyse where the problem is. Good luck, Philippe
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Just found this thread. Having similar problems with my LW Select, which has been working flawlessly for more than 15 years. Still have a few toner cartrdiges in stock so am not ready to junk it yet. If anyone can send me a pdf about cleaning and maintenance I would be much obliged.


J - Slingerlands
Unknown - would really also appreciate a copy of the pdf service manual / cleaning manual. Should I just post my email address on here ? Many thanks - Jolly
Sounds daunting and fun. Thank you. Please send PDF manual to [email protected]
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Sad to say, but transfer rollers will not cause the problem you are having. As the title suggests, they transfer toner from the cartridge drum to the paper. They do so by applying a static charge to the back of the paper to attract the toner. Since that is all they do, they can't cause toner to appear on the drum. Take the cartridge out and pull back the protective drum cover shutter. Now turn the drum gear with your thumb. It should clean off any toner on the drum surface. If it doesn't, the cartridge is bad.
- moe
All cartridges have drum wiper blades. These deteriorate over time similar to windshield wiper blades, with the same effect. Namely, streaking. Doesn't matter that they are new (10 years expired) in the box. Like has been mentioned before, pull back on the drum shutter and you'll see a smattering of toner.
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I expect you may be right. These cartridges have been sitting in storage for more than a decade, even though they are still in their original wrapping/box. I did try 2-3 of these cartridges, but am having the same problem with each. I didn't have this problem with the same batch of cartridges six months earlier.

I do have a couple more observations. According to the official service manual, it says that the symptom I am having (dark image over entire page) could be due to a dirty transfer roller. Also, when I turn the drum in the toner cartridge, it eventually does clean itself, although it takes 20-30 revolutions to do so. In any case, the center of the drum is always clean, and the pages themselves are entirely dark except for a central, relatively clear 1/4-1/2 path down the middle of the page.

Any other thoughts? I think I only have one more cartridge unopened. Assuming I won't be able to find any more replacements, this may be spell the end for this printer, regardless.

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Whoever wrote that official service manual probably never worked on a printer in his life. The chances of a transfer roller causing the problem are exactly zero. I don't think replacement wiper blades are available anymore. I did a quick Google search and nothing. You could try searching at, but there are minimum purchase requirements and a lot of companies don't sell to end users. - moe