asked Jan 3, 2001 at 4:13am
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Mucky toner marks from Laserwriter II

My Laserwriter IIf is getting on a bit, but keeps working. But it is now putting lots of toner dust on the back and leading edges of the paper. The fuser is working OK I think, but there is a massive collection of toner around the corona wires which seems to be causing the problem. Cleaning them only sorts out the problem short term. This is a relatively new cartridge, and the problem was similar with the old one. Any ideas or do I scrap it!!
First question of course would be "are you using remanufactured cartridges?" Second would be "where is your density adjustment set?" If your density is set at 1, it would result in a lot of excess toner being applied and cause toner leakage. Most remanufactured cartridges are junk. Very few people know how to do them right. Of course a properly done one is better than anything the OEM puts out. I wouldn't use OEM cartridges in our equipt., but then we know how to rebuild those cartridges so they perform to the levels they are capable of.
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Thanks, it is a new toner - I gave up with reconditioned ones. The dial was set to 5 - I will increase it to 7 and see what happens.


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