asked May 7, 2009 at 6:35am
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Using telnet to change Laserwriter 8500 IP address


I'm trying to set up my Apple Laserwriter 8500 on a new router (DI-524). The printer worked fine wirelessly when plugged into my previous router (Netgear), but the D-link doesn't recognise it and seems not to accept AppleTalk.

I've been online to the Apple Support forums, and so far I've discovered that I need to set the printer up as an IPP location instead of an AppleTalk one. For this I need to have the printer's IP address, and since it's currently set to I need to change it. I can't use the Apple Printer Utility (no Classic mode as I'm on 10.5.6) so I need to do this using Telnet.

I was directed to this thread and I downloaded the manual and started at page 103 as instructed. But I can't get very far. Using the application Terminal I typed in the printer name, but instead of being welcomed to the "TCP/IP Printer Configuration Utility" as the manual says, I get

<Connected to LaserWriter.
Escape character is '^]'.>>

And if I type '1' or '2' as I would if I were in the TCP/IP Utility (according to the manual), all I get are error messages.

That's a long explanation, but maybe someone has a suggestion?