asked Jan 2, 2001 at 1:19pm
Unknown Printer

HP LJ Series II

I have an HP Series II printer with an intermittent fading problem. Occasionally, text in just the upper left corner of the page will be faded. Sometimes the fading is so bad, the text is unreadable; other times, it's barely noticeable; the rest of the time, there is no fading. It seems to start on the second or third line of text and continue for about ten lines or so and in the first three or four columns. We have recently had the fuser assembly replaced; a new, well-shaken toner cartridge is being used. Any suggestions on what to look at?
Check the transfer corona wire at the bottom of the printer. Clean it real good with a cue tip and alcohol. Careful not to break it. The diagonal wires are fishing line. The one you're looking for is a thin wire below the fishing line that runs the length of the assembly.
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Check for debris in the mirror area.
Remove the cartridge and look at the
"shutter" which is closed without a
cartridge inserted. find the lever that
opens it and make sure it moves freely.
examine the mirror for dustballs and such.
re-tighten the 3 black screws that hold
the assembly. They very often come loose.

The best start to troubleshoot this problem
is trying a cartridge from a known good printer.
If it works well, than you've found the problem
in about 3 minutes. The suspect cartridge should
be faulty in the other printer.

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