asked Sep 23, 2002 at 6:31am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

Question about K21C kit...

Hi, I just have a question about one of the printer repair kits. I have purchased several kits from this site which have all worked effectively, and I love the instructional vids. The problem is that one of my HP LJ 4+'s is jamming and grinding at the fuser/gear cluster area. When I inspected the gear assembly, I noticed that the gear that attachs to the fuser (small/yellow/highest point in rear of box) was stripped. I looked at the repair kit number K21C for the HP 4+. I was just curious to whether or not this kit included the entire gear box, or whether just the one small coupling gear. It looks like the entire box could be replaced, but I didn't want to pay HP 40.00 for something if it was included here. Much thanks.
HP doesn't provide the coupling gear separately. It's the only gear in that box that ever fails. Our kit just includes the coupling gear and of course an instructional video that covers replacement.
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