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Epson Epson Stylus Photo RX620

epson stylus photo RX620 scanner error+weird noise

When i start up/turn on my Epson stylus photo RX620 printer after a few seconds when its starting up,it makes this really loud buzz/rip/neeugghhh noise :S and when it starts my little screen comes up with : Scanner error see documentation

I have no idea whats the problem with it,my ink levels are allfine, i've never had this problem before. my computer can no longer recognise it and i cant print ANYTHING!!!

If anyone else has this problem i advise you to check under your scan lid and you'll see a padlock symbol, switch the switch next to it up and down a few times leaving it in the unlocked position. Restart your printer and everything should be fine
:D even the noise went away
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Thanks! I had the exact same problem and had no idea what to do. I did what you said and it worked right away. Thanks!!!!
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Thanks! I had the exact same problem and had no idea what to do either. This FIXED IT immediately! I wish Epson had an easier way to support their printers! Your post is so important to help others. Kudos to you.
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I had exactly the same problem on my printer today. When I did the search, this was the first item selected, and the fix WORKED!!

by trkutz on May 21, 2010 at 7:52am Add comment
Adjusting the transportation lock works for my printer as well.

The transportation locking mechanism seems to be poorly made/installed on this model since it can block the path of the scanner head while sitting in the unlocked position. At least it was a cheap model.
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Well, either i didnt do it right or my printer is stupid, Because it didnt work for mine.
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YAY nik_vik!!! I've been having this problem for awhile now (although the printer still worked I wasn't able to scan anything) & your suggestion WORKED! AwEsOmE! THANKS for your input; I'm now back on track. :o Bren
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Gads!! I am really frustrated. Tried suggested posted without any luck. Went to Epson website and troubleshot but without success. Even downloaded driver; cleaned printer, etc. No luck. This printer has worked perfectly and now does everything except scan and that is exactly what I need for my genealogy project. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Worked for me. Thanks nik_vik for posting the solution!
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Wanted to say thanks. This helped me too!!
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worked on my Epson 1600 also. But the lock switch is by the electrical hook-ups. g
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nic vic - great post and fix thanks. also fixed my printer about 2 years ago when the ink overflow system was full, (Basically the sponge is saturated and there is no way to replace) instead of calling out epson for £200 fixed it with a small plastic bag and 2 tampons, has worked brilliantly ever since, well till the scan thing.
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Hi Nik_Vik! Exactly the same problem -- Now Fixed!
Thanks a million. This is the first problem I have had since buying the RX620 in 2007. .... Chas (CzechScot)
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Thank you!! Solved our problem.
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Worked for me too - many, many thanks :)
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Thanks that really helped, Just unlocked and it worked.

by wwrafter on Nov 29, 2016 at 7:54pm Add comment

I'vebeen struggling with this for a week, solved just like that ...many thanks

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Thank you fixed it

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Thank you for the quick fix

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It worked!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

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Thanks, I've had this problem for quite awhile now and doing this seems to have fixed my RX 650 scanner/printer.The load noise has now gone too,

Thanks to the genius who found this

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Magic! I did not believe it would work.

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