asked Apr 4, 2009 at 7:59pm
Xerox Xerox Phaser 8200

Which Phaser 8200 board is DP, N, B?...none following rules...

Here's the scenario;

I have six Xerox 8200 printers with 3 different board/featureset combinations...

I have read here and thought I understood that;

1) The ROM chip is the "main" determining factor between the B, N, & DP feature sets (aside from the hard drive for the DX),
2) Ram also plays a part in determining feature set on a capable board.

I have confirmed that ram DOES play a part, but I am not getting identical results from different boards with the same (labeled) ROM chips.

I also read that;

1) The 1463-00 chip is (supposed to be) the "duplexing/1200dpi" chip (assuming either DP or DX),
2) The 1217-00 is the "non-duplexing/1000dpi" chip, but with no indication whether it is a "B", or an "N".

For the record and based on the above information found here, I apparently have a few rule-breakers...all confirmed with print tests on each printer/board combination.


**Printer/Board "1" is a "DP/N" - chip 1217-00**

Board "1", that has the 1217-00 chip and a single 128MB ram card. When board "1" is in ANY of the printers I own, they ALL become "8200DP" printers, both printing at 1200 DPI AND duplexing - confirmed with print tests. When I take out the 128MB card on board "1" and insert a single 64MB card, ALL the printers become an N.

If I add a second 64MB card on board "1", they again ALL become a DP, so apparently there is no distinction for the printer as to whether it's one ram card or two, as long as it's a total 128MB minimum (which is what I would expect). One thing is for sure, board "1" is a "8200DP/N" board, and the only difference between the two feature-sets is the amount of ram (64MB vs 128MB). Board "1" seems to break two rules. First, it is the "wrong" chip for a DP. Second, it can be an N or a DP.

**Printer/Board "2" is an "N" - chip 1463-00**

If I replace board "1" with board "2" - the one that has the 1463-00 chip, the printer becomes an "8200N". Strangely, even if I add 64MB card on board "2" for a total of 128MB, or if I replace the 64MB cards with a single 128MB card, it still stays an N. Again, the same results are obtained if board "2" is placed into any other printer. Board "2" breaks the rule of the ROM chip number/featureset.

**Printer/Board(s) "3" are "B" - chip 1217-00**

Lastly, ALL four of the other boards number "3" have the 1217-00 chip and ALL boot up saying "8200B". Just like board "2", there is no change when going from 64MB to 128MB, they all remain B boards. Also, (no surprise here) it doesn't matter which printer they are placed into, the results are the same. These "3" boards are the ONLY boards that seem to follow the rules as posted on this forum.

First, is it simply going from 64MB to 128MB that makes an N do duplexing and 1200dpi? My "DP/N" board "1" seems to confirm so, but it's apparently using the wrong ROM! If so, then it would suggest that board "2" which has the 1463-00 chip should become a DP when I increase the ram to 128MB, however all attempts with that board fail to cause it to upgrade to a DP, remaining an N.

It appears there must be something else that sets one board apart from another...otherwise, why would the "DP/N" board "1" with the 1217-00 ROM allow upgrading from N to DP with only the increasing of ram to 128MB, whereas the other four "B" boards "3" with the same 1217-00 ROM will not upgrade from B to either N or DP under any circumstances?

Finally, is there a setting within the printer that has to be made in order for the printer to properly respond to the appropriate board/ROM/RAM combination(s)? It doesn't seem so based on my troubleshooting and print tests.