asked Mar 29, 2009 at 10:08am
Canon Canon Pixma MP750

Canon Pixma MP750

My printer just died this morning... no warning signs, nothing... just won't power up. Anyone else experience anything like this or have any ideas on how to troubleshoot? I swapped out power cords, tried different outlets, etc. but I got nothing.
rdietrich,.... First call the Canon Parts department and see if they sell the power supply as a separate component. The part number is HK1-0113-000. The phone number for Canon parts is 1-732-521-7230. This is the direct line. Then just ask for the parts department. Ask for the cost plus shipping.

Now that you have the cost, you need to determine if you want to spend the time or the money to investigate and fix this printer. I will say that the Canon MP 750 is an excellent printer. I know because I have 5 MP730 printers

Then you need to send me an email by clicking on my USER ID and I'll try and help you diagnose if it is really a dead power supply. One thing you can try first it to unplug the printer for 24 hours and let all the internal charges fade. Then plug it back in and see if anything changes. Have you had a recent power outage at your place or a lighting strike????
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