asked Mar 28, 2009 at 7:13pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

HP Laser printing in reverse

I have an old Apple Laserwriter Pro black and white printer, HP engine, that I rely on but I doubt anyone local will feel it's worth it to fix anymore. Turned it on tonite and it suddenly began printing in reverse- type is white and background is solid black. Not the driver- because I tried generic drivers and tried from several computers- I'm fairly sure it's a hardware issue.

Tried a new toner cartridge but that didn't correct it. What do I have to do? And if it's a part I need to replace- is it something still available? Can you tell me how to do it myself?

Please help!
On some Apple Pro models, there is a little toggle switch on the back of the printer where you connect it to the computer. If you flip it one way, it's ok. If you flip it the other way, it will do what it is happening to you. See if there is a switch and if there is, flip it. It's at the top, left looking from the rear.
by moe on Mar 28, 2009 at 11:12pm Add comment
Oh I wish it was that easy! Nope- no switch is there. The only switch in that area is a push switch that allows you to set numbers 0-9- and I don't remember what it's for but it doesn't fix the problem. Any other idea what it might be? - unknown