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HP LaserJet 1150 No Power-On

I'm trying to repair a LaserJet 1150 that won't power on. I've checked all the common stuff (cord, power switch, fuses, looked for obvious ECU/formatter damage), and couldn't find anything. I'm assuming some part on the ECU has gone bad. Any suggestions as to what part, or should I just replace the ECU? If so, any idea where I'd locate one for less than $150-160, which I think is more than the value of an 1150.

I'd almost rather give this person a used 4000 or 4050, I have so much less trouble out of those, but they really prefer the smaller machine.
It should be the engine power assembly (left side of 1150) was broken.
If i were you ,i will find another broken 1150 (fixing film broken usually) to replace what you want,cheap and easy.
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Give me a Quotation of above printer

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