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EPSON Artisan 800 - Verticle black lines

Just bought an Artisan 800. I was initially thrilled with quick print quality & speed, but didn't even get through the first ink cartridges when
I started getting verticle black lines every inch and bad print quality in general.
I have done all of the printer utility fixes a number of times. Nothing helps. I am using Epson ink and Epson paper. I am not a happy camper. I've only used this printer for a few weeks!
My printer skip entire line. No head cleaning or nozzle checks fix the problem. Are you printing wireless
by hounddoug on Mar 24, 2009 at 4:56am Add comment
I have the same issue with my Artisan 700. I don't see it with black/white from MS Word documents but it is on color photos as you say every inch. Do you have it with all photos? I want to try an old photo from a non-digital camera. Any thoughts why a word document is OK?
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The answer is choosing the exact paper you have in the printer as your choice in the print driver. This takes a little searching in Photoshop/Driver but the the choices are there! When you "print" the Photoshop choices come up. When you say print again the printer driver comes up. Beside the printer name is an up/down arrow. Click on that and the printer preferences come up. You have about 10 choices and one is printer settings. In that box are your choices of paper.

The lines disappear!

Hope this helps!

Ezra Mann - Anonymous
I have the correct paper checked and still have problems with the lines. I changed the black ink cartridge (which was still partially full) and that solved the problem for about 4 prints but then the lines returned. I've cleaned the print heads, aligned the cartridges, and checked the nozzles repeatedly. Sometimes it helps for a few prints but the lines always return (although my settings have remained the same). This is getting expensive.
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I did the reviews on this Epson Artison 800 bought it six months ago and I have black lines on my color prints every inch. Why is there not a recall on this model? I had Cannon and HP for years and never seen anything like this. Very bad, disappointed!
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