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Canon Canon Pixma IP3000

canon printer pixma ip3000 ink absorber

how can i find some detailed instructions on how to clean the ink absorber. references to web sites, other sources of help.
In most cases these are a trial and error process. I don't think I have found a single site that tells me how to take apart a particular printer and clean the waste ink tank.

Best thing to do if you are feeling particularly adventurous. Find how to remove the case so you can see where the waste ink tank is. If you look at where the carrage rests you generally find a small platter with the Rubber wipers and a couple of smaller rubber pieces where the cartridge heads will sit. from this will come (In most printers) two tubes that lead down into the deepest recesses of the printer. These are the waste ink tank feeds. This will show you where the waste ink tank/pads are. If these are easily visable you may not need to dismantle the printer to get to them but in most cases thay are laied all along the bottom of the chassi and you need to remove the whole or at least the most part of the printing assembly to get to them.

Once you get to them the best method I have found for emptying the pads of ink is:

Run them under a cold tap to force as much ink out as you can. Squeeze then and fill them with water as often as you need to to get the majority of the ink out.

Once you have most of the ink out (Water should run past the pad with only a small amount of ink being released). Then grab a bundle of paper towels and fold them neatly until you can easily fold the pads into a nice absorbant bundle of paper then (On lino) stand on this mass to squeeze out as much water as you can.

Then grab an empty ice cream container and pour boiling water into it (enough to cover the pads properly) drop the pads in and then Microwave it for about 4 minutes. Rince under cold water squeezing out as much of the newly released ink as you can. (Rince and repeat until the pads sit in the boiling water releasing as little ink as possable).

Once you squeze out the water using the same absorbant towels method as above. Put the now now damp pads on top of a layer of paper towels and microwave again for about 2-3 minutes to heat them up nice and hot. Then let them sit in a dry environment until they cool and the pads should be mostly dry ready to be put back in the printer. Then you just need to put it all back together (Hoping that you have not forgotten any parts) then clear the waste ink tank counter (If this is a feature on your printer) using the reset codes found on sites like this one.

Test and welcome back to the world of the living, printer.
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Wow Darinthal, this sounds great. I am actually feeling a little adventurous mainly because it's a crying shame to bin a printer just because the ashtray's full, ashtray? mean wsste ink absorber of cours not to mention the fact that I can't really afford a new printer. I need to ask you though, have you, or, do you know anyone who has, taken apart a Canon Pixma ip3000?

Thanking you in anticipation.
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