asked Mar 4, 2009 at 10:02pm
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Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR not picking up paper

I have an Apple Personal LW NTR which was working fine when it went into storage probably 3 years ago but now it will not print a test page. I narrowed it down so I know it is not a driver or communication issue since the printer will not even print an internal test page. When in test page mode it starts up like so: the ready and paper light are on and the jam light blinks while "booting" then all the lights go out and the paper light flashes once and the ready light starts blinking (like it does when working on a job.) While the ready light is blinking the printer moans a bit like it is turning the pickup rollers and then stops. The ready light continues blinking a few more times and then goes out and the paper and jam lights blink in unison.

In non-test print mode it starts up as above except the sequence ends with a steady ready light and will only go into the flashing error (paper and jam lights) if I try to print.

I have blown the dust out with a can of air. I have cleaned any contacts I can find with rubbing alcohol. I have cleaned the take up rollers with automotive belt dressing (as suggested elsewhere. I have tried another known good toner cartridge. I have tried the internal test page and printing from the computer. I always get the same symptoms. I have seen the http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/kits/HP/K08
Paper take up kit for this printer. Does it sound like this is what I need. (I do have another one for parts. It is an Apple Personal LW 300 which appears to have identical mechanics but different electronics. (plus it is a perfect parts printer because it is nearly useless since it only supports Quickdraw printer language which only prints from OS 9 and is not sharable.) I would rather use parts I already have... Which parts do I need to move/replace?


BTW I am listed as a user because I am not a printer technician as such but I am a tech coordinator for a school district so do as much as I can myself. All this to say this repair is not out of my league if I get good instructions.