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Epson Epson Stylus CX3600

SSC Utility Instructions / Operation

I was wondering if there are any alternative English translations of (or re-written instructions for) the SSC Utility (I'm using Version 4.20)? I'm having trouble getting my head round some aspects of it's operation, and the instructions that are to be found in the 'Help' of the software itself (translated from Russian pressumably?) can be kinda difficult to understand sometimes!

I'm using an Epson CX3600, which stopped working when the "parts need servicing" auto-disable feature kicked in. Altho' I successfully got it working again for a while by overiding the Epson software with the SSC, it's now disabled again. This is because (according to the Epson software) an ink cartridge has run out - altho' according to the SSC Utility, there's still plenty left in the cartridge. I checked the 'Disable Epson Service Utility' option in the config box at the outset, but the Epson Utility still seems to be partially active.

Having read all possibly relevant 'Help' instructions, I'm still unclear on the difference between / appropriate use of : 'Reset', 'Refresh' (on the Ink Monitor tab), and the manual / auto 'Freeze' functions; and which one I should use to resolve the above problem. Or is it a case of having to (as I have read of elsewhere) uninstalling the Epson software, then reinstalling without the 'Epson Service Utility'?

When I first reset the Ink Counter with the SSC, I searched the folder containing all the Epson software on my Computer, but couldn't find the 'Epson Service Utility' bit. As there didn't seem to be any apparent conflict between the softwares (as I had read could be a prob) I didn't go to the trouble of going thru the whole Uninstall / Re-Install process at the time.

Any advice much appreciated....
Read here The current version of the SSC Utility is 4.30
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