asked Feb 23, 2009 at 10:05am
Hp HP LaserJet 4350TN

HP LJ 4350tn 49.4C.02 error message

I am getting this message on this printer. I have replaced the formatter. It has the latest firmware revision. I even ordered a new dimm. Installed that but no networking came up. I reinstalled the old firmware dimm. Did a cold reset as well. Any idea why this error message is popping up?
Well it is a firmware issue which you know. Usually people have been finding this with certain files, mainlly PDF's but also some other software. People go further into detail saying its due to certain fonts, who knows for sure becuase there hasn't been a solution posted and the error keeps coming back. The main thing is to isolate your problem by looking at the file its trying to print. You dont really say this but is this machine always given you the message or just when you plug it into the network. You really need to go into the print que and delete all jobs to make sure the offending job isn't still there resurfacing cuasing the issue. If it is a certain file most people have found that printing on a older model like the 4000 series has sovlved the issue. Obviously HP is still working on this but hasn't found a sure fix yet since they keep saying update the firmware but it doesnt fix the issue.
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