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Epson Epson Stylus CX3600

Siphoning off waste ink from Epson CX3600

I’ve never had problems with my inkjet… until recently! After much searching the Net I was pleased to discover this excellent forum. Searching previous topics has provided me with most of the answers I was looking for : the facts about the built-in self-destruct “parts need servicing” features built into many printers; info about downloading & using the SSC Service Utility; siphoning off waste ink / cleaning inkpads; and a copy of the CX3600 disassembly manual.

Elsewhere online I also discovered a helpful video about siphoning ink off an atypical Epson inkjet printer. I thought this might be useful for anyone else who is having such probs with their Epson & would like to see a demo of the process – so I’ve included the link below :

As technical repairs aren’t exactly my strong point, and I haven’t done any DIY printer repairs before, I’m reluctant to experiment - or start getting involved in major dissasembly of the entire unit in order to remove & clean the ink pads - so the siphoning method seemed a good option to me. However, there’s one question I haven’t been able to suss out from either this forum, the aforementioned video or attempting the process myself…


It seems to me there are three possible approaches…
(1) Cut the pipe above the Eject Ink Joint
(2) Cut the pipe below the Eject Ink Joint, or attempt to pull it out where it disappears into the Ink Waste Pad Channel
(3) disassemble the Eject Ink Joint

From looking at the set up myself it seems like the kinda thing you’ve got to get right first time, so so any advice would be much appreciated!

Can I suggest that you get yourself registered over here:

... and then review the information available here:
.. as that covers the process for fixing an earlier model of the same printer type.

You may find that there's a sort of junction box which is covered in the instructions for the RX425 (see the octoink site for more on that), in which case that's covered easily but if you get stuck you're welcome to email me at info (at) octoink (minus the space) with some pictures of your printer innards and I can return a pic with notations and arrows telling you what you'll need to do to get it sorted.

If nothing else I'd quite like to get the CX3600 unit added to my instructions list so it could be mutually beneficial.


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Thanks for the reply Martin, I'll take a look at those links. You mention that you need photos of the CX3600 for your instructions list: let me know what sort of parts / angles you need (including any not relevant to my query). I've got a pretty good Nikon dSLR, so should be able to provide you with some sharp, hi-res pics...
by MoonageDaydream on Feb 27, 2009 at 11:19am Add comment
Photos would definitely be appreciated..

It's hard to explain what sort of pics would be best but basically ones that help identify where access to the waste tube is and how to disassemble (as required).

Probably easier to check a few of the guides here:
... as an example.

I'm guessing the CX3600 has the usual trapdoor type arrangement in which case one of the trapdoor closed, another open and then another couple of tube location, in situ and released.. All good :)

Thanks again... and btw there is a reward for this so remind me when you get the pics sorted :)


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