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HP Color LaserJet 5500 - Ghosting


We have a HP CLJ 5500, when printing there are some faint ghosting stripes. This has probably been occuring for quite some time but we only noticed it when printing on engrosment paper (a yello/cream colour). We are starting to use this paper to print marrage licenses on which customers pay for so they need to be perfect.

I've looked at thread where ghosting is happening on the HP LJ 8500DN, but the CLJ 5500 doesn't have the same parts.

I think it is the transfer kit, but as this costs £150 approx, I wanted to see if there is another possible cause; cheaper to resolve.

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This is a timing issue, as the ETB and the fuser are the only things the paper goes over. At the end of the printing, the ETB does not continue, and as the fuser pulls the paper, it gets dragged. We are trying to resolve this too, with 11x17 smearing at the end. HP doesn't have a clue, and are no help. Suggest the Formatter, as it controls the timing.
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Michael formatter does not control timing. Dc controller does that and besides I do not think it is your issue. To the first poster go to the diagnostics menu and print the pq troubleshooting selection and read the first page printed. Most times your issue is related to one toner cartridge and the pq troubleshooting pages should help. You can also select in the same menu to disable cartridge check and then switch or remove toners at will to narrow down the issue. Michael the first thing I would look at is the fuser since it may be losing some of its heat during the long run of an 11x17 sheet. Try changing the paper type to say cardstock so the sheet goes thru the printer slower to see if that helps.
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I've run the PQ Troubleshooting while changing cartridges out in 'disable cartridge' mode and the ghosting still appears even on the sheets without colour (blank sheets). To my mind this could only left the transfer kit at fault. Could you confirm if this is the case or if there could be another possible fault.


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